The Cow Faced Humanoid: A Unique Case In Wisconsin

In the winter of 1974, on a deserted stretch of road shrouded in fog, a Wisconsin farmer unexpectedly encountered a clearly frightened Cow faced humanoid (creature whose face looked like the face of a cow).

It was a frosty evening on December 2, 1974, around 22:00. A 68-year-old Polk County farmer named William Bossack was driving the road southeast, returning home from a friendly meeting.

Bosak was a very practical and down-to-earth person, he was not interested in various “nonsense” about UFOs and aliens, so all his acquaintances and friends were very surprised when, after that evening, he began to tell them about his meeting with an extraterrestrial being.

At some point, a low thick fog fell on the road and Bosak had to slow down and move very slowly and carefully. 

His 450-acre fields and a farm he had owned for over 40 years were just a mile away when the headlights of Bosak’s car suddenly flashed a strange object on the side of the road.

It was something conical and resembled a large “capsule”. which hovered low above the ground. In an attempt to get a better view of the object, Bosak slowed down hard. 

He saw that the capsule was shaped like a bullet and that the lower part was partially shrouded in smoke or mist. 

Therefore, it was difficult to tell whether the capsule was standing on supports or levitating.

Bosak stopped the car completely and noted that the capsule was about 3 meters high and about a meter wide. 

At the front of the capsule was something like a curved glass, behind which was a brightly lit compartment. And in this compartment was a strange creature, completely unlike anything that an elderly farmer had seen in his life:

cow faced humanoid

“I can remember it as if it all happened yesterday. It was a little taller than the tallest man and I could see his figure with his hands raised above his head. It looked out the window and it was a completely different kind of creature than us.”

“It looked a lot like a human, but it had a completely different face, its face was like that of a cow.”

“The body was covered with dark brown fur except for the face and chin. The face was square with hair sticking out at the sides. The ears protruded from the head about 3 inches (8 cm) and the eyes were large. The protruding ears were like those of a calf.” …

cow faced humanoid

It is possible that the creature was not covered in fur, but was wearing a tight-fitting fur suit. At least the farmer had such guesses. If so, then this suit was very close to the figure, like a diving suit.

Despite the farmer’s shock, he had not lost his usual alertness and insight, so he quickly noted that the creature looked as frightened as he did. Although the eye contact between them lasted only ten seconds, it seemed like minutes to the farmer.

Suddenly Bosak realized that something very, very strange was happening and that he himself was terribly frightened and more than anything in the world wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. He pressed the pedal and quickly drove away from the capsule with the unusual creature. 

But before he had time to drive off a certain distance, the light in his car turned off, and he himself was enveloped in something like a dark dense fog and the sound of a running motor disappeared. 

Then Bosak heard a soft whistling sound, and then there was a grinding noise as if tree branches were scratching on the roof of the car. 

Somehow frightened Bosak pressed the pedal harder, increased the speed, and then managed to get out of the “shroud” and did not stop until he reached his house.

Once at the farm, Bosak calmed down a little, and then went out and looked down the hill at the road. But there was still a thick fog like pea soup and nothing was visible. 

Over the next few days, a strong fear pursued Bosak and he was afraid to go outside at nightfall, but he did not dare to tell anyone, not even his wife and son.

However, despite intense fear, the very next morning, in daylight, Bosak drove back to the section of the road where he saw the capsule with the creature. There was nothing there, and the only piece of evidence he found was a round patch of heavily crushed grass.

For more than three weeks, Bosak was silent about that. what he saw, but then still confessed to his family. And he also began to feel strong regret that he had not come into contact with the cow faced humanoid. 

He was sure that if at that moment he was not alone, he would have had the courage to try to communicate with the alien and show him that earthlings are friendly.

Then either the wife or the son of Bosak told someone else about this incident and soon rumors spread throughout the district. 

UFO scientists from the Wisconsin branch of UFO researchers came to Bosak, who after questioned Bosak’s acquaintances and neighbors and found out that he was not at all inclined to inventions and was an honest man with a good reputation. 

In each subsequent interview with reporters or researchers, Bosak vowed that he was telling the truth and assured that, if he wanted to, he could even take a lie detector test to prove it. 

He also stated that there were other people in his area who saw strange things, such as UFOs or aliens, but journalists were unable to find them.

It was very curious that Bosak insisted that the alien’s head looked like a cow, not a monkey. This is practically the only case in ufology with cow faced humanoid. 


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