5 Signs Of Alien Abduction

5 Signs Of Alien Abduction To Look Out For

Many people from around the world claim that they have been abducted by aliens. They claim that they saw creatures with a big heads and big wobbly eyes performing operations and experiments on them in their spacecraft. We dug up to the core and researched many interviews from around the world to see what’s true and what’s not. here are 5 signs of alien abduction that can tell if you have been or are being abducted by aliens.

5. Signs of alien abduction : Lost Time

It is the most important sign of all. A common sensation connected to abductions is the loss of time. Abductees have explained missing minutes or hours and in some extreme cases, days during which they can’t account for or recall their whereabouts.

There are many cases of people who claimed that they lost time. people say that they were traveling in their cars in next instance they found themselves lying in their bed in 2 days and have no memory of what happened to them in the past days

4. Signs of alien abduction: Strange Dreams

Another frequent sign of Alien abduction is that the prevalence of dreams wherever the individual sleeping is undergoing some sort of treatment or procedure. typically terrifying and continuously confusing, abductees state that they not only view the dream pictures however are subject to the action of thrusting, prodding, cutting, and invasive needles. Usually, the dreamer could be a frozen witness to the horrific torture, paralyzed and unable to even shout for aid.

signs of alien abduction

 3. Unusual Marks On Body

Have you seen cuts, burns, scratches, bruises suddenly appearing on your body without you even noticing when they happened they are considered one of the major signs of alien abduction. people are suggested to look out, in particular, for laser cuts on their ankles, wrists, or back and other parts of their bodies. Alien implants (small metal chips) were found in x-rays of humans. they don’t know how they developed they just appeared out of nowhere.

2. Sleepwalking

signs of alien abduction

People claim that they slept in their bedrooms and woke up somewhere other than in their home or somewhere else. this may be a sign that you were under the control of Aliens.

1. Faded Memory

A very strong memory of something unusual such as floating through the air, lying upon an examination table, seeing a hypodermic needle or seeing a strange, skinny baby or traveling in a space ship or if you feel that you are connected to the aliens in any way. you remember seeing UFO’s but not exactly when and where

The list ends here you can leave your suggestions and experiences below in the comments section and you can also request a category or topic of your choice and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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    1. Indeed they are. Myself I have seen things since I was 5 yrs old. At 5 I saw my own body above me at the ocean.
      One incident my Ex and I went through was in the late 70’s when one night I had to take my girlfriend at the time back home, I lived in Fernley Nevada a horrible little red neck town.
      Anyway I had to get her back home by 11:00 pm all the way into North lake Tahoe Incline Village going the route up Mount Rose Hwy . On a clear day it takes about 45 mins or so till you drop down into the Village.
      I drove with her in my Van, it was raining hard that night and turned into snow. We started at the bottom of the hwy past the small store. then to the right Tannenbaum ski resort a very small place to learn. ok we passed that then to the left was Christmas tree lodge. Everything was closed that night the snow was up to the wheel wells getting deep. All I had on my mind was the summit because it was a steep incline. Well as we came upon the hairpin turn after the lodge it started snowing really heavy to a complete total whiteout, I was driving about 5mph being very careful as I pulled around the curve then started going straight up the road. I could barely see a thing, told my girlfriend to watch the right side to make sure I wasn’t getting to close to the edge which was hard to tell because everything was solid white. As I looked at my watch coming out of that turn it was 10:30 pm , driving very slow my lights reflected on a sign on the right and asked my friend “what does the sign say is there a curve coming up left or right ?” She answered ” It’s the summit sign” I said No way we are at the bottom of the mountain. Again she looked at me and said ” I swear to god it’s the summit sign. Now mind you we did not make any turns at all after coming out of the hairpin turn when suddenly the snow lifted and we could see the lights of Tahoe, I looked at my watch and it read 10:35 pm. We looked at each other and our mouths dropped open and said No Way ! No fricken way ! 5 mins to the top in blinding snow which normally would of taken over an hour in the snow storm, in fact I don’t know if I would of made it to the summit as much snow was coming down. Scary stuff.
      What brought me to search for abductions. I started to watch a movie called PROXIMITY. and when I saw the kid confront the alien in front of him I got tears in my eyes, it wasn’t emotions but a strange fear like a Deja vu. I had to shut the movie off. sat here feeling overwhelmed.
      I’ve had other experiences at 14 yrs old in my life that I won’t get into.
      Thanks for the story of abductions. To this day I often wonder what happened and I have never had experiences like I had watching Proximity…

  2. experienced it all when i was 8yrs old till at age of 35 🙁 it seems that i am being followed by mysterious energy

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