KIC 8462852: Alien megastructure found 1500 light years away from earth

KIC 8462852 is a star everyone seems to be talking about since nobody will justify the irregular patterns of light returning from the star situated 1,500 light-years far away from Earth. several researchers have speculated what might cause the enigmatic dips of light that are not like something seen before.

Interestingly, throughout an interview, Dr. Michio Kaku mentioned that we may be observing an alien megastructure built around the star.


Many people have united that an enormous Alien Megastructure created by an extremely subtle Alien civilization can be one of the reasons. So far, researchers have planned a variety of explanations, however, none of them appear to satisfy the mystery behind the star.

Even today, Astronomers still cannot rule out the presence of mysterious ‘alien megastructures’ around Kepler Star KIC 8462852 —located approximately within the constellation Cygnus.

And whereas scientists are debating whether or not we are gazing at big comet swarms, alien megastructures or mere processing errors, Theoretical scientist Michio Kaku believes that the potential megastructure round the mystery star can be “the biggest story within the past five-hundred years!”


According to Dr. Kaku, “this star is breaking all the rules” and “we would need to rewrite astronomy textbooks” to suppose something completely different.

“There is a colossal, humongous, object of some sort blocking the starlight from this star. We’ve ruled out all of the usual suspects; rouge planets, comets, asteroids and the only thing left is an ‘alien superstructure’ of some type.” Dr. Kaku explained in an interview.


So far scientists continue watching the mystery star that displays many abnormal dips within the star’s light. mysteriously, these dips don’t appear to be parodic at all and have strange shapes further. Researchers agree that it’s nearly not possible that the strange dips within the Star’s brightness are caused by planets since it’d cause a dip pattern that repeats itself frequently, one thing that’s not happening at KIC 8462852.

Researchers believe that 2 to 3 years of continuous observations using the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT), may presumably modify the team to spectroscopically determine material around KIC 8462852, and solve one in every of the most important astronomical mysteries of the twenty-first century.

Media interest within the mystery star went viral when a bunch of astronomers from Pennsylvania State University revealed a study that declared KIC 8462852’s “bizarre light curve” was “consistent with” a swarm of alien-constructed megastructures.

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