The Star of Bethlehem: New Theories point out that it was a UFO

Was a UFO the star of Bethlehem? His apparently directed trajectory has led many scholars to consider the possibility that it was a device manned by intelligent beings, among other theories.

Some scholars have come to a small town in Palestine called Bethlehem following a strange sign in the sky. It is a warm spring of year IV, or maybe V, before our era, the moment in which a story is being written that will have a profound echo for the next 2,000 years for billions of people. These wise men are aware that they are at the end of a long road that began more than three months ago in their distant land of origin, Mesopotamia.(Star of Bethlehem)

A road that has been plagued by difficulties and challenges of all kinds, but in which the direction to which they had to leave was always clear. There was something from the sky that indicated the way: some would call it later a star, but others said it was something different, one of those lights that appear in the sky from time to time and move through it. A bright light that indicated to them where they had to go, that moved with them and that when they had to stop it remained still in the sky. A strange light that many believe that, if it were to be called somehow, the key word today would be UFO.

Those wise men of the East saw from their observatories a strange light that had suddenly appeared in the sky and decided to follow it. Each day the light moved with them and when arriving near the Mediterranean stopped on the city of Jerusalem. There those wise men spoke with the king and explained to him that the reason for their trip was to pay homage to the new heir, to the new king who had just been born.

Then the magicians followed again that light that moved through the sky until it stopped over that small town located barely 7 km from Jerusalem. It was the sign that his trip was over. The chosen one was there. “When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the time of King Herod, magicians came from East to Jerusalem, saying, ‘Where is the king of the Jews who was born? Because his star we have seen in the East and we come to worship him ‘”.(Star of Bethlehem)

These lines of the Gospel of Matthew are the first reference to the star of Bethlehem. An allusion that complements some verses later when, after the magicians interview with King Herod, the biblical text says: “Behold, the star they had seen in the East went before them until, arriving, they stopped where There was the Child. And when they saw the star they rejoiced with a great joy. ” What could be that light that guided them apparently intelligently during their entire trip?(Star of Bethlehem)

There are many possible answers that have been shuffled: from astrological alignments to unusual astronomical phenomena such as meteorites, novae stars or comets, passing through spectacular planetary conjunctions. But all these possibilities do not explain the strange behavior that that singular star that guided the Magi of the East had. A behavior that many scholars have not hesitated to qualify as intelligent.

The star of Bethlehem did not indicate only the way they should follow, but, what is even more important, came to a stop on two occasions to indicate where they had to stop: first on Jerusalem and then on Bethlehem, where the newborn was Jesus. There is no natural phenomenon that can justify this prodigy, and only if it were something with an intelligent control could that behavior be explained. If the reality of the biblical story is admitted, there is no natural explanation that matches the description of the star of Bethlehem.(Star of Bethlehem)

Unsustainable hypotheses

In the popular imagination the star of Bethlehem is represented as a great comet, with its characteristic tail. An image that is largely due to Giotto’s painting The Adoration of the Magi, of 1304, in which it appears without a doubt as a great comet. In the image captured by the Italian artist, the brilliant appearance was most likely influenced only three years before Comet Halley, a celestial body that approaches Earth every 76 years. There are records that its appearance in the year 12 BC was really spectacular, with a brightness of magnitude 1, comparable to that of the brightest stars.

But it was an event that took place years before the time when Jesus was born. The Chinese astronomers and their meticulous record of any celestial novelty recorded the appearance of two comets in the approximate time when it came into the world. Between March and April of the year 5 BC a comet with a tail of a remarkable size was visible in what is now called the Capricorn constellation. In April of the following year the appearance of another comet was recorded, in this case in the constellation of the Eagle, although with less brightness than the previous year.(Star of Bethlehem)

Was a comet the star of Bethlehem?

Comets are well-known stars and considered different from stars, which is the figure mentioned in the Gospel texts, and, of course, do not stop to indicate a specific place. In addition, when dealing with bodies located outside our planet, their apparent situation does not change for someone who is moving through it. It is impossible that something like this can guide in such detail, to the point of stopping over a small village.

The same can be said of a new star, another one of the explanations proposed for the star of Bethlehem, since it is evident that the apparent position of a star located at such a distance from our planet does not change for a traveler, much less stops on a concrete place Other phenomena, such as shooting stars – as proposed by the well-known British astronomer, Patrick Mooreo, meteorites – do not seem to be a satisfactory answer either. These are quite ordinary phenomena and so ephemeral that it is difficult to think that they were the origin of what the Magi saw.(Star of Bethlehem)

A conjunction of several planets, like those that took place between Jupiter and Saturn in the year 7 BC does not explain the phenomenon described in the biblical text: they are fleeting phenomena, of only a few hours, that could not become the guide of some travelers who for several months crossed thousands of kilometers. In addition, another detail that should not be forgotten is that travel was usually done during the day, and with sunlight it is practically impossible to see a comet or star.

And, of course, if there had been any new star so bright as to be seen in full light, it would have been a spectacle of such magnitude that there would have been written records of that prodigy throughout the world. But nobody, apart from the magicians of the East, perceived anything anomalous in the firmament. What is your opinion? Leave us your Comment! 😉(Star of Bethlehem)

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