Steve Mulligan: A Man Who Claims To Be WWI Soldier In His Past Life Visited His Grave

A non-physical essence of a human or an animal might begin a new existence following the death of the body in which it previously dwelt, according to the concept of reincarnation. Belief in reincarnation for humans often necessitates belief in an eternal essence or soul, which is widespread in faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Indian traditions.

It is also prevalent among persons who wake up one day with recollections of an entirely different person in a completely different historical period is the occurrence of flashbacks. Something similar happened to Steve Mulligan and he recently went to a cemetery where he came across the name of his former body, which had previously served as a World War I pilot. What a scary thought that is.

“Since my childhood I’ve always been drawn to Llandudno, even when I came here as a child I knew my way around and my mum used to be amazed at how I knew where to go. When we’d be walking round it was like I was having deja vu, like I’d been there before.”

Steve Mulligan, born in 1961, currently resides in Manchester, England, but his mother decided to take him to Llandudno, Wales, because of his unexplainable fascination with the town. He told North Wales Live that his sensations were more than just déjà vu, which may be caused by a medical condition such as epilepsy, stress, narcotics, or memories being jumbled in the minds of people who travel frequently or see a lot of movies, among other things.

Steve Mulligan: A Man Who Claims To Be WWI Soldier In His Past Life Visited His Grave

“When I did the hypnosis session with Paul I’d never done anything like it before but I had all these memories that I could see in black and white. I remember being in the aircraft and looking down on the ground below and thinking I was glad I wasn’t down there. I can remember thinking, I’m like a bird.”

Mulligan claims that he never acted on his peculiar impulses until he reached the age of 60 in 2021. He called hypnotist Paul Goddard, who conducted an online past life regression session – a contentious procedure that claims to transport a person to a previous existence.

Mulligan states during the session, he remembers being Sydney Sutcliffe, a Llandudno-born early wartime pilot who was killed in WWI at the age of 24. He claims, he now recalls being Flight Lieutenant Sydney Sutcliffe and being shot down in France in 1917. Mulligan recalls Sutcliffe’s father, Abraham “Arthur” Sutcliffe, as a performer at Llandudno’s Pavilion Theatre — the same venue where a young Sydney appeared with his father.

“I remember I would help him on stage sometimes, kind of like a Stavros Flatley father-and-son routine.”

Mulligan returned to Llandudno after being introduced to his prior life as Sydney Sutcliffe, claiming that walking the old streets recalled recollections of his childhood home, parents, and three sisters. He discovered the name ‘Sidney Sutcliffe’ at the Llandudno Cenotaph, a memorial to the 45 local soldiers killed in WWI.

He discovered a monument for Sydney’s parents, Abraham ‘Arthur’ Sutcliffe and Rhoda Sutcliffe, in the Llanrhos cemetery. Additionally, the inscription on the stone reads, “LIEUT SYDNEY SUTCLIFFE.R.F.C, SON OF THE ABOVE, KILLED IN ACTION OCT’ 2ND 1917, AGED 24 YEARS.” Mulligan, on the other hand, believes Sutcliffe’s bones are buried in a French war cemetery.

Steve Mulligan: A Man Who Claims To Be WWI Soldier In His Past Life Visited His Grave

Is this proof that Steve Mulligan is Sydney Sutcliffe’s reincarnation? Medical professionals are skeptical about past life regression because memories are not necessarily accurate – they might be a composite of experiences, knowledge, imagination, and suggestions.

Mulligan’s comment that “I had all these recollections that I could see in black and white” is one example of this. Why would his memories remain in black-and-white yet he, like everyone else, even Sydney Sutcliffe, sees and dreams in color? Is he reminiscing about black-and-white World War I films?

“If science can disprove reincarnation, Tibetan Buddhism would abandon reincarnation…but it’s going to be mighty hard to disprove reincarnation.”

That was his response when asked by the late Carl Sagan what he would do if science refuted reincarnation. Steve Mulligan is almost certainly in agreement.

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