The Strange Case of Rudolph Fentz: The Man Who Traveled to the Future and Was Run Over

In 1950, a man dressed in Victorian fashion appeared in Times Square in New York. According to the witnesses, he seemed a bit confused. No one paid more attention until, a few minutes later, he crossed the avenue and was hit by a car.

The officers who found the body checked the body to identify it, but what they found seemed to make no sense: a small metal token for a beer, where the name of a place was written that nobody, not even the most Old men of the city knew about. A receipt for the care of a horse and the washing of a carriage in a barn on Lexington Avenue that did not appear in any address book for about $ 70 in beads Business cards with the name Rudolph Fentz and an address on Fifth Avenue and a letter sent to his address on June 1876 from Philadelphia was found

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Most intriguing was that, despite their antiquity, none of the objects showed signs of deterioration.

Intrigued, Police Captain Hubert Rihm decided to carry out an investigation to untangle the case of Rudolph Fentz.
First the agent contacted the address of Fifth Avenue, which turned out to be a business in which no one had heard of Rudolph Fentz.
Frustrated, he decided to look for the name and actually found an address in the name of a Rudolph Fentz Jr. When he called, they told him that the man no longer lived there.

However, he was on the track. He managed to find the bank account of the man, which led him to ask in the bank offices where he was informed that he had died 5 years ago, but that his wife was still alive.
The agent communicated with her, who informed him that her father-in-law, after whom her husband was named had disappeared in 1876¸ at the age of 29.

The case was then closed. Apparently, a man from 1876 had appeared in New York’s Times Square and, after walking recklessly down the avenue died.

Could it be a temporary trip? The case of Rudolph Fentz is presented as a common example of temporary (or interdimensional, we are not sure) journeys that happen without the will of the person.
At some point it was said that it was a fictional story, based on a story from 1954, but the appearance of this story in a newspaper in 1951 discards it.
As far as we know, Fentz was a time traveler .. What do you think?

Do you believe in time travel? Why would they give themselves spontaneously? Leave us your comment!(I.e.

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  1. It’s hard to believe that he would have developed such technology in 1876.
    Nevertheless, he could be a victim of alian abduction, that sounds more relevant

  2. One usually overlooked fact when people speculate about the possibility of time travel in stories like this is that the earth would not be in the same physical location in space that it occupied 70+ years before. So someone trying to travel from New York of the past into New York of the future would logically end up dead in empty space, not back on the streets of New York.

  3. In the 1960’s a man was leaving for work in the morning he kissed his wife at the front door of their home walked across the lawn towards his car parked at the curb when he suddenly disappeared his foot steps could be seen in the grass and they ended abruptly, a mail carrier who was near the home also saw the man suddenly vanish they herd his voice he was shouting help but it was getting faint until they couldn’t hear him anymore. this story appeared in Reader Digest in the 80’s. It was said it was a true story even had names of the people involved.

  4. Rudolph Fentz (also spelled as Rudolf Fenz) is the focal character of “I’m Scared”, a 1951 science fiction short story by Jack Finney, which was later reported as an urban legend as if the events had truly happened.

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