The Mystery of John Titor: The Time Traveler of the Year 2036

The incredible story of John Titor begins on November 2, 2000, where several electronic bulletin boards on the Internet began to present messages of a mysterious character.

Identified at the beginning only with the abbreviations TimeTravel_0, this person began a series of conversations about the possibility of traveling in the time, the characteristics that would have a machine that could do such thing and the theory behind its operation.

Throughout this initial period this character was characterized by short, concise messages, in which he spoke of this machine as if its existence was a reality, but over time its history was taking shape.

In January of 2001 he appeared as John Titor, and claimed that he was an American soldier who had traveled in time from 2036. His mission would have been to travel to 1975 to get some IBM computers of this year with the aim to edit some old programs with timeout error codes in the year 2038 (in the year 2038 all UNIX programs and many other sources will stop working because the time of the counter will be exhausted).

According to his history, he had been chosen for such a mission by being the grandson of one of the original members of the team building, and the question about the need to obtain such an apparatus in the future (when it would be extremely easy to build in the present One) his response was nothing short of frightening: the war destroyed many things.

John Titor said he had made a stop in 2000 to collect valuables and warn some people of the dangers to the United States in the near future. Also, he says that he warned many people of the seriousness of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, spread through Bovine products. He provided a series of predictions and described the workings of his so-called time machine,

Many of his messages disappeared from the original website, but were collected by his followers, so today we have access to a kind of “collage” of their main theories and predictions.

This traveler in time claimed to come from a time when new technologies had made it possible to build a time machine, and even gave a detailed description of the artifact, the theory behind its functioning and the effects of its journey in the future.

According to Titor, his machine consisted of a system of “stationary mass and temporary displacement propelled by two dual singularities of rapid rotation” that would produce a “standard Tipler sinusoid”. The theory behind the construction of such a machine would have been given by Frank J. Tipler, who proposed that if a long, dense object rotates at speeds close to the speed of light, it could allow another object to move around it. Shift forward or backward in time. The direction of movement would be given by the direction of the spiral. This theory has not been refuted, but there is at present no material capable of withstanding a spin at this speed without decomposing.

The machine that would have brought it to the past consisted of two magnetic containers for the micro – singularities (small black holes that would be created with the speed of the spin), which would come equipped with an electron injection distributor (that would alter the mass of these Small holes), a cooler and an X-ray ventilation system. The system would be regulated by 4 computers and 3 Cesio clocks, and would handle gravity sensors to determine their position and direction. Titor even presented an outline of his time machine.

According to his messages, John Titor came from a time when many of the premises of today’s theoretical physics had been confirmed, including that of the existence of many universes. According to Titor, his warnings could alter some fundamental events and his very presence was altering the current events (“some teams that were supposed to win have lost”). It is not clear whether Titor considered that he was putting the return to his world at risk, because he never said anything about it.

If his story were true, if John Titor had modified this timeline, he would surely never have been able to return to his world by preventing  a catastrophe of our timeline. Should we be grateful?

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