Strange Encounters With Underwater UFOs And Aliens Huge Humanoids & Advanced Spaceships

Strange Encounters With Underwater UFOs And Aliens: Huge Humanoids & Advanced Spaceships

Now, based on various encounters with underwater UFOs, it appears that their vicinity is not only limited to space, but they also appear to have a secret base on Earth, more specifically underwater. Unidentified submersible objects (USOs) have garnered popularity over the years despite being far less common than typical UFO sightings. Encounters with underwater UFOs have been reported from all around the globe. In this article we will look into some encounters of people from Russia with UFOs and aliens underwater.

Underwater UFOs
Underwater UFOs

Encounter Of Russian Ship Maria With Underwater UFOs

First on the list is an encounter of the Russian civilian transport steam vessel the Maria in 1936 with a strange anomalous object while it was crossing the Pacific Ocean from Leningrad. The crew members saw a mysterious object ascend directly from the waters at some point during their journey. It hovered in the sky for a moment before landing on the land surface nearby. The captain of the ship, being intrigued, tried to contact the stray object but it was of no use. So he sent a small boat to investigate the whole matter. But as soon as the boat reached close to the object, it abruptly sped off in the opposite direction, rendering the pursuit impossible.

Along with it, the five members on the boat vanished in a fog that came out of nowhere. The captain tried to locate the 5 occupants but they were not found, so he went on to complete his delivery. After completing the task, Maria once again set out to return via the same route where they had the encounter with the anomalous object. On the way back, though, when they followed the same path, the strangeness persisted. In the distance, near the spot where they had first seen the strange object, they saw what they described as a “boat made of a transparent material,” and inside they saw what looked to be three of the missing sailors who had set off in their tiny boat to investigate.

When they were rescued, one of them would cry and hurl himself into the sea to drown, while the other two would start making up wild stories. The two sailors told the captain and fellow crew members that they had been abducted by the mysterious object. For all that time, they were onboard that UFO and were surrounded by “strange entities with webbed fingers, dressed in dark shiny suits.” Additionally, the entities had faces similar to frogs and communicated through telepathy. Two of the sailors telepathically agreed to stay with the aliens, and they disappeared without a trace. The other sailors were presumably held captive in a chamber for two days.

Underwater UFOs
Underwater UFOs

Then, all of a sudden, they were floating in that peculiar see-through vessel, eating unusual food that looked like tablets stored in see-through pockets, with presumably enough food in each tablet to keep a man alive for one day. When the three of the men were rescued, all of a sudden, the mysterious see-through boat drowned underwater. It was an unexplainable event for those sailors, and no one knew what had occurred. Those two sailors and the anomalous object were never found again. This has remained a mystery till now.

Encounter Of Soviet Naval Officer With Underwater UFOs

Another such encounter dates back to the early 1950s, when interest in flying saucers was at its peak. This encounter occurred in the Black Sea, which is surrounded by Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. It has a maximum depth of 7,257 feet and a total area of 168,500 square miles. The account was reported by an unnamed Soviet Navy officer who had served at the Sevastopol Naval base. He said that while he was doing drills aboard a ship, he witnessed something unthinkable.

He saw a metallic sphere rise out of the water, hover above a battle cruiser, and then sink back down into the depths of the waters behind the ship. This incident was witnessed by the crew members onboard, and they also reported that the strange object was completely smooth with no windows or propulsion system. It also didn’t make the slightest of noises. Even though a picture of the strange object was taken, no one knows where it is because the Soviet military kept the whole thing secret.

Proceeding further, during 1965, an USO was encountered in the Red Sea, which lies between Africa and Asia. It occurred when the crew of the steamship Raduga was making their way through the Red Sea. The crew claims to have witnessed “a fiery sphere” rush out of the sea, pulling a column of water up with it. They saw the object from two miles away, and they were further told that the enigmatic object was about 60 meters in diameter. After hovering for some time at a height of around 150 feet, it illuminated the sea below, and the mystery object descended into the waves with a deafening splash.

Underwater UFOs
Underwater UFOs

The crew reported the whole incident to their seniors, but they were warned not to reveal it to the public. The incident was kept under wraps for many years until ufologist and head of the Russian Ufology Research Center Paul Stonehill made it public. During the Cold War, he claims, Soviet submarines made a number of reports, including one of a nuclear submarine being trailed by six unknown underwater objects traveling at great speeds before shooting off into the air and disappearing.

Mr. Krapiva attended lectures given by veteran officers of Soviet nuclear-powered submarines. They had served in the Soviet North, in secret naval installations and bases. The lectures sometimes veered off the planned presentations, and many spellbinding tales were told. For instance, episodes when Soviet sonar-operators (military hydroacoustics technicians) were “hearing” at great depths strange “targets”. Their submarines were actually being chased by other “submarines”. The pursuers changed their speed at will — speeds that were much faster than any other similar vessel in the world at that time. Lieutenant-Commander Oleg Sokolov confidentially informed the students that while he was on duty during his submarine’s navigation, he had observed through a periscope an ascent of some strange object through the water. He was not able to identify it, because he viewed it through the optical system of the periscope. This underwater “take off” took place in the early 1960’s.

Head Of The Russian Ufology Research Center Paul Stonehill

Russia’s USO Secrets

The accounts of the encounters of Soviet Sumbarines with underwater UFOs don’t end here; they even go beyond this. In his book Russia’s USO Secrets, based on evidence from declassified records and testimonies from Russian military veterans, British UFO investigator Philip Mantle mentions a number of such occurrences involving Soviet submarines. One such account of an encounter with the USO comes from Yury Beketov, a former nuclear submarine commander, who claims that while doing maneuvers close to the Bermuda Triangle, his submarine encountered an anomalous object.

We repeatedly observed that the instruments detected the movements of material objects at unimaginable speed, around 230 knots (400 km per hour). It’s hard to reach that speed on the surface – only in the air is it possible. The beings that created those material objects significantly exceed us in development.

Yury Beketov
Russia’s USO Secrets

A bizarre case mentioned in the book claims that in 1951, a Soviet submarine spotted a large underwater object, measuring between 200 and 250 meters in length, that was emerging from the depths and heading towards shore. The captain reportedly ordered depth charges to be dropped on the object, which at first had no impact but eventually forced it to halt its upward trajectory, alter its route, and speed off toward deeper water. For sure, in all these cases, something seems strange and fishy, as these anomalous objects are extremely active under water and even in the air or on land.

In December of 1977, while performing maneuvers near Novy Georgy Island, the crew of the fishing trawler Vasily Kiselev reportedly came across a large doughnut-shaped object of an estimated 300 to 500 meters in diameter that rose up from the water’s surface and hovered there. As soon as the object was hovering, all the electrical systems, along with the radar on the trawler, malfunctioned. Surprisingly, the USO hovered there for three hours until it again descended back into deep waters. After the USO was gone, all the electrical equipment started to work normally again. However, despite the fact that the USO was hovering there for three hours, no photographs were taken.

Encounter With Underwater UFOs In Lake Baikal

During the summer of 1982, Major-General V. Demyanko, major of the Military Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense, was conducting training exercises for reconnaissance divers in Lake Baikal, located inside the Trans-Baikal and West Siberian military territories. The divers were in the middle of their training when they saw three humanoid entities emerge from the murky, freezing waters above them, dressed in tight-fitting silvery suits and measuring a huge 3 meters in height. These entites were so enigmatic as they didnt had any scuba diving equipments and intriqgued by them the commanding officer deployed a team of higly traioned seven divers inorder to capture one of the entities.

The divers went with nets in order to capture the creatures, but as soon as they tried to throw the net on one of the creatures, they were thrown out of the water from a depth of 50 meters by an invisible force. Decompression sickness, brought on by the rapid force, eventually killed three of the divers. It has been reported that the Soviet Union’s Ministry of Defense admitted that similar underwater beings had been spotted in a number of deep water lakes throughout the country. These sightings often coincided with the descent and surfacing of giant discs and spheres, powerful luminescence emanating from the deep, and other unexplained phenomena. In addition, many extraterrestrial encounters have been reported near Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal

There is another such account reported by Oleg Chichulin, who was out on Lake Baikal in a boat instructing students and claims to have seen something really unusual.

There was a ball that glowed. And then this ball started to fade, fade and blush. And it turned into a red ball. This red ball for a while lay on the water, and then began to sink. And all this gradually, gradually went under the water. And it became dark.

Oleg Chichulin

Proceeding further, there is an account from 1977 in which V. Alexandrov and G. Seliverstov shut off their spotlights while exploring a depth of 1200 meters in a submersible to determine how far sunlight could travel. The out of no where they were showered with a strange light.

“It was so like if our device was lit from above and the side by two strong spotlights. Only a minute later, unknown floodlights went out, and we found ourselves in total darkness.”

V. Alexandrov

There is an abundance of such encounters, and the next report comes from Vyacheslav Lavretevich, who was sailing on Lake Baikal in his yacht.

We were on a yacht on Lake Baikal, and from under us flew out a huge glowing disk. It blinded us, and for a second flew into the sky. We did not even have time to grab any cameras, nor take video, although many of us saw it. It was a huge – and lit up all of our yacht. In diameter it was probably 500-700 metres, a huge disk. For three minutes it shone from below (the surface), and then abruptly departed in a second. The spectacle was huge, awesome. Beautiful, and shocking.

Vyacheslav Lavretevich

Extraterrestrial Encounter In Mediterranean Sea

Another account on the list dates back to June of 1984, when the Soviet tanker Gori, which was in the Mediterranean Sea at the time of the incident, was twenty nautical miles from the Strait of Gibraltar. While standing on the deck, Alexander G. Globa and his Second-in-Command, S. Bolotov, witnessed a “strange polychromatic object” resembling “an upside-down frying pan” emerge from the water. Somewhere around 20 meters in diameter, it was described as being gray and metallic and glowing, with “many brilliant, bright, bead-like lights” down its bottom and with “waves” of protuberances on the outside plating.

The bottom of the strange object had a pipe protruding from it. That pipe was so fiery red that it appeared to be lit on fire. The object rolled up and down “as if propelled by an invisible wave” for some time. When the object saw the Arab dry cargo ship approaching from the port side, it went and hovered over the cargo ship, according to Arab Crew. Then the object shoots up in the sky, giving off sparks and flares.

Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea

In the same year, Alexei Korzhev, the commander of a Soviet submarine, recounted an encounter in which his crew spotted two mysterious objects while conducting routine training exercises at a secret site. This seemed suspicious, as no other submarines were supposed to be present in that area. Additionally, the spotted object moved at a whopping speed of around 200 mph and made sudden directional adjustments that defied the laws of physics. At that point, one of the objects purportedly launched itself straight out of the water and flew quite close to them at rapid speed.

The submarine dove into the waters, and following the object, it also dove into the waters and also shot a beam that stopped the communication equipment of the submarine. It subsequently shot another beam, this time making a noise “like a cutter being used,” according to the team. They thought the object was now attacking them, but it suddenly reversed course and sank to the ocean below, leaving the submarine unharmed.

Huge Humanoid Aliens Underwater

Strange accounts of enormous humanoid beings date back to the 1990s as well. In 1996, while shark hunting in the Black Sea, a guy named B. Borovikov was surprised to observe three very huge humanoid figures floating to the surface. The humanoids had bulging eyes, a humanoid face, and a milky white body. They also had some sort of fish tail. One of the creatures appeared to wave a webbed hand at him as it came closer, and then everyone swam away into the darkness of the ocean again.

Aliens Underwater

One similar account comes from the 1990s, when D. Povaliyayev was hang gliding over Kav Golov in the Leningrad area. His attention was caught by huge humanoid “swimmers” in silvery clothes on a lake below him. Then, the figures disappeared beneath the waves. The narratives we have read here leave us wondering what we should make of them. Does extraterrestrial life rule over our oceans in the same way they do our skies? It was sure that we still had not figured out the origin of these extraterrestrial entities. Whatever occurred, the reasons for this enigma are lost to history and the misplaced archives of UFO lore, and it’s likely that they will remain so for some time.

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