Underwater UFOs Disabled Soviet Submarine In 1984

Underwater UFOs Disabled Soviet Submarine In 1984

Researchers have long come up with the idea that aliens are living underwater and have lived there even before humans existed. We have seen numerous reports of strange flying objects descending into the water bodies and hiding in the great vastness of the oceans and seas. These flying objects are also seen shooting into the sky directly from the water bodies. Thus, the topic of underwater UFOs is not new to the world of ufology.

Alexei Korzhev (Underwater UFOs)
Alexei Korzhev

Here is an account of Alexei Korzhev, a submarine commander who claims to have had many encounters with mysterious things under the water. He recently recounted an episode from 1984 where his submarine encountered what he believed to be a UFO. It is important to point out that he is not the only person who broke the silence and communicated to the general public about the various encounters with UFOs under the sea.

These underwater UFOs are known as unidentified submerged objects (USOs). Due to the fact that it was engaged in warfare, the submarine followed a very specific route. Even though there weren’t supposed to be any more submarines in this area, the radar showed that there were two unexplained objects in that area. The two enigmatic objects now moved at such high speeds that their movement greatly surpassed the maximum speed that the submarines are permitted to go at.

Feeling this threat, the signalman quickly attracted the attention of crew members by pointing towards the objects. According to the radar, the underwater UFOs were travelling at a breath-taking speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour (186.411 miles). Even so, they were changing their direction swiftly without bothering to lower their speed. The crew members were astonished as the USOs were doing stuff that their eyes could not believe.

The USOs were in the upper layers of water one minute and deeper in the lower layers of water the next. In order to get a better look at the strange escort, Alex made the decision to ascend to the surface. Now the submarine was on top of the water. The Captain, along with two officers, exited the submarine and was now standing on the bridge. They were trying to figure out what these USOs were, as well as their origins and intentions.

Soviet Submarine (Underwater UFOs)
Soviet Submarine

As they were just determining what to do next, something happened the next moment that shook them. The enigmatic aircraft vertically shoots out of the water. The object was huge but did not exceed 5 meters. All the officers standing on the bridge could not remember all the details of the USO as it flew in front of them at a very high speed.

Considering all the facts, the commander concluded that the craft they have encountered just now is of extraterrestrial origin and not any other country’s spy craft. Now the USO started to emit a greenish light, which was coming from all directions. The captain gave the order to immediately take refuge within the submarine and to begin submerging into the ocean as swiftly as possible.

The UFO again quickly descended into the water and aimed one of its beams at the submarine as it chased the submarine. The green light was now directed towards the submarine, and it entered the submarine. The green beam of light mysteriously turned all the equipment of the submarine. Every member onboard heard a noise that sounded like a cutter being used.

The crew members alleged that the USO was trying to destroy the submarine by sinking it. During the whole event, the members onboard were terrified, and for them it was a life-time experience that they did want to experience again. Alexey Korzhev openly admits that he was at a loss for what to do in that particular situation.

He further stated that he was scared too as all the equipment in the submarine was switched off at a terrifying depth of 160 meters. But it all seemed to be a warning as the equipment started working again after a few minutes and the USO dove down toward the ocean floor at a breakneck pace. Alex alleged that the strange USO was an alien craft which was trying to scan the technology and equipment used in the submarine.

Sightings of USOs (unidentified submerged objects) stretch back a long way, and their nature has been variously speculated upon as imaginary, mechanical, government-secret, or alien. There could be a possibility that everything is the product of the vivid imagination of a former submarine captain.

alien spaceship floating underwater( Underwater UFOs )
alien spaceship floating underwater

However, his statements are certified by his fellow crew members. A reputable name in the field of ufology, Vladimir Azhazha from Russia, has also worked on the encounters with underwater UFOs and, according to his findings, fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans and more than 15 percent with lakes. Thus, again, increasing the credibility of this account.

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