Strange Hairy Yeti Like Creature Witnessed In Australia By The Daughter Of A Biologist

In Australia, there is an analog of the Yeti called Yovi, which is a strange hairy creature, however, a short hairy monkey, which the aborigines call “nimbinji” also lives there.
Interestingly, primates are not found in Australia at all.

Gary Opit is a biologist and general wildlife expert based in Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia.
Last December, Gary’s daughter encountered a hairy creature that looked like a “hairy hobbit” and a monkey at the same time. 
And we must bring it to your notice that primates are not found in Australia.
According to cryptozoologist Andrew McGrath, the creature they saw is the so-called “nimbinji” – a short Australian counterpart of the Yeti, myths about which local aborigines tell.

The incident took place on December 20, 2020. 
Gary Opith’s daughter and her partner were present at his house to celebrate Christmas with him. 
At about 2 am, Gary’s daughter woke up and saw a strange creature outside the window, which at first seemed to her “a little man, like a hobbit.” 
Later, she drew what this creature looked like since she did not have time to photograph it on the phone. 

When the strange hairy creature began to move, it appeared to be very similar to a gibbon – a humanoid ape that can jump very dexterously through trees. 
However, just like any other primate, gibbons are not found in Australia either.

The strange creature outside the window soon jumped up and found itself on the roof of their house. 
Gary’s daughter immediately called her father and for a while, they discussed what she saw. 
The media does not indicate whether they tried to leave the house to see what was on the roof.

“Of course, gibbons are not found here, including they do not roam here during the day or at night. This creature is similar to the nimbinji, a local cryptid. They grow from 90 cm to 120 cm in height, have brown skin, and are covered with dark brown or reddish hair.”

Cryptozoologist Andrew McGrath
Strange Hairy Yeti Like Creature Witnessed In Australia By The Daughter Of A Biologist

According to Gary Opit himself, he himself has come across something very strange in this area more than once. 
It happened in 1996 in a thicket of Kunium Range bushes.

“Twice at dusk, I heard a loud and powerful cry within 100 meters of the house, which sounded like“ Ruff! ”This cry did not belong to any animal I know. I could not identify this creature, but then I heard that what could be called a response to this cry. About 50 meters, near a dry stream, a series of about 90 loud barking sounds tore through the air. “

Cryptozoologist McGrath assures that these were the screams of the nimbinji and that they are famous for their screams. 
Basically, they sound like a strange barking “Aruuuu, aruuuu”, interspersed with a gurgling sound of “gu-gu-gu-gu”. 
Residents of different parts of Australia regularly talk about such strange screams of an unknown creature. 

Also on August 9, 2008, Gary Opit and his friend Ray Westrap found strange marks in the mud, as if a child’s handprint. 
A chain of such tracks led from the wallaby tracks towards the road and they were clearly visible for three meters. 
Gary photographed one of the tracks. 

Strange Hairy Yeti Like Creature Witnessed In Australia By The Daughter Of A Biologist

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