The Strange Journey of Carol McElheney : Did this woman visit a Parallel Universe

Imagine for a moment that you go in your vehicle and decide to visit the town where you grew up, to observe your old house and the place where your grandparents lived, but when you get to this place everything is different, the streets are full of graffiti, You can find no place and as you enter the town you realize that everything is totally different from the place where you grew up, not only changes over time but there are no constructions or streets that you remember, then you arrive at a terrifying conclusion: you have passed to a parallel universe.(Carol McElheney)

Carol McElheney

This is the case of Carol McElheney, the mysterious woman who claims that she traveled to a parallel universe. She was traveling through the state of California, in the United States, and decided to travel to the city of Riverside where her family roots were located, visit her grandparents’ grave and see her old house. She had always frequented this city habitually since she was little, but this time, while arriving in the city it started to rain unexpectedly, a very strong rain that forced her to stop on the way to check in at a hotel and spend the night there.

When Carol started to walk through the streets of Riverside something started to look very strange, nothing was familiar to her, for a moment she thought that she was in a very different place, but the map told her that she was in exactly the same place. streets were totally different from how she remembered them, went to her grandparents’ house and to her surprise there was nothing in that place, everything worsened when visiting the cemetery and she found it totally different and there were not the graves of her grandparents.

Carol then thought she had a problem with the maps, but changed her mind quickly because she found the high school and university she attended, but everything was completely different, the streets were full of graffiti, totally desolate, the street where the banks and shops in front of the school were all full of graffiti and abandoned with lots of garbage, everything had disappeared, at that time she concluded that for some reason had entered an alternate reality to ours that was in the same city but in a different world.

Carol McElheney

Some people watched her but she was afraid to speak to them, because she thought that if she spoke to them she would be trapped in that reality, that’s when she decided to leave that place driving for a long time until she began to recognize the places and the streets were familiar and He managed to get out of there.(Carol McElheney)

“It was completely different,” he said: “None of the houses were as I remembered them. There were no tall trees, nor was my grandmother’s house. The numbers matched, but the houses had changed. ”

Curiously, some things, like the central school and the University of Riverside, were in place, but the majority of the population had completely changed. The Avenida Universidad, which was full of hotels, restaurants and banks, “was clogged with graffiti and completely deserted.” It was at this point that Carol became convinced that something supernatural was happening to her and began to feel fear: “it occurred to me that if I got out of the car, something strange would happen. If I spoke to someone, I would be forever stuck in this disturbing version of Riverside, or my interlocutor would not be human. ” Frightened, she decided to return to Perris, where she found everything completely normal, or at least, as she remembered it.(Carol McElheney)

Some years later, Carol’s father died. He was buried, along with his family, in that small cemetery that she once saw as a vacant park. As of today, Carol is convinced that that day she traveled to another dimension, that instead of turning around to reach Riverside, she arrived at another parallel world. She still does not know how she came back, but she is very grateful that she did it.(Carol McElheney)

Carol McElheneyHow about? Do you know similar cases of interdimensional travel? Leave us your comment!

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  1. I met a parallel universe version of myself last year. And oh yes, she was me. “I know why the Goddess sent me to you: today’s word is GRATITUDE.”

    Her life is way better than mine.

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