The Day That NASA Caught A Terrifying Message Of The Year 2057

A year ago a video began circulating on the Internet that revealed an alleged message from the year 2057, in which a man is heard requesting urgent help to survive.

Apparently, the world they are in (ours) has been devastated by radiation, the water is contaminated and there is nothing left to eat. He mentions the VTR virus as one of the guilty sources of the worldwide debacle.

In addition, the issuer states that they need doctors and vehicles to find a safer place to survive. The video ensures that this message was captured by NASA and obtained through the Deep Web.

The Audio Message Of The Year 2057

We are here … we are down here … I repeat we are down here … base alpha, base alpha 101, answer … base alpha 101 please answer, change.

For whoever is listening to this, we do not have more communications, we only have this old radio, I repeat, we only have this old radio. All our other communications are down.

We need support here, we need support here, we are dying. I repeat we are dying. We do not have more food or pure water, we only have pure water for 2 or 3 days maximum.

I repeat, we only have pure water for 2 or 3 days maximum. All the water in the area is contaminated. I repeat, all the water in the area is contaminated. All the people are dead, they all died.

Soldiers and civilians, even animals are dead. We are only 250 survivors underground. I repeat, only 250 survivors were left underground. I’m risking my life by coming to the surface now. Radiation makes it difficult for me to communicate through the device.

There is too much radiation, I repeat, there is too much radiation here. We have vaccines for some infections, but we do not have anything against the VTR virus. The VTR virus is contaminating everything, it is infecting everything. I repeat the VTR virus is all over the area.

For whoever is listening, please send some help here. For anyone who is listening, I repeat, please send some help here. I’m going to give you our location. So that they find us so that someone finds us. Please help us

I’m going to give you our coordinates now. Our latitude, I repeat, our latitude is 33,018. Our length, I repeat, our length: -116.301.

But how could a message sent from the future reach us? Curves and time travel are one of the great mysteries that scientists have faced.

No one has yet discovered that sending a message from the future or traveling from it is possible, so for science that phenomenon remains a pending task to discover.

NASA has not responded to this supposed message. What do you think? Nothing more than an urban myth or something created on the Internet? Leave your comment below.

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