The former Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion

When a world leader, current or former president professes a belief in UFOs, the public reflects on their sanity and on what they might actually know about the cause of unidentified flying objects.(Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion)

Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion

When that world leader also warns of potentially catastrophic extraterrestrial invasions, the ears and antennae go up. That was the case last week in Poland when former Polish President Lech Walesa spoke about UFOs, aliens and their role in the possible demise of Earth as we know it.(Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion)

“There are three levels of intellectual development in other galaxies. We are the lowest. And the superior civilizations come as and look at what we are doing here. If we threaten to destabilize us, here with Macron, Putin there, they will interrupt us, they will ‘cut us in half’, and the Earth will collapse. “

Multiple Polish media reported on a speech that Walesa delivered at a civic club in Krosno, an ancient city in southwestern Poland. While he was not there to talk about UFOs, Lech deviated from the script (something that world leaders seem to do a lot these days) and introduced UFOs and “higher civilizations” into the conversation.

While he does not seem to have spoken publicly about his belief in UFOs and aliens, his comments suggest that he is of the opinion that they are the type that is watching us without interference (the ‘ zoo ‘ theory ) but will “move tab” if they feel comfortable.

He also warns that the actions of current politicians (French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin among others) could trigger a decision of this kind by a superior civilization of observers.(Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion)

Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion

Walesa believes that his interference would not be benevolent and that the consequences would be lasting. “The most superior civilization can keep us that way for five thousand years. They could send ‘others’ Adam and Eve, and rebuild the world. “

It also follows from his comments that Walesa at least considers the possibility that an extraterrestrial civilization has previously interfered with humanity.(Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion)

“People find things, dig in stones, there are pyramids … and for many of these findings there is no answer, where did they come from? Why would not a superior civilization have interfered with us? “

Does Lech Walesa know something we do not know? While there are no indications that he himself had a UFO encounter, Poland has had several of them. The most famous is the so-called Emilcin incident, happened in 1978, when a farmer from that eastern city supposedly met with olive skin aliens who took him aboard his ship.

OVNI researcher and Polish author Piotr Cielebiaś says that there were many reports of encounters with aliens by military pilots until Poland joined NATO in 1999. Walesa was president from December 1990 to December 1995, so, without doubt, I was aware of these reports.(Polish president warns of an extraterrestrial invasion)

Why did Lech Walesa feel the need to talk about UFOs and extraterrestrial invasions now? What do you really know? (If you understand Polish, you can see the full speech below.) Comments about the aliens begin at the time: 1:04:56)

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  1. Its too bad many people have clogged ears and don’t hear the warnings. I guess humans can destroy and pollute oceans, air, earth and not think it is going to affect the human race. I believe they are watching and will decide what they will do to us.

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