The Alien Abduction of Amy Rylance: Lifted By UFOs, Found 500 Miles Away And Chased By Men In Black

The evening of October 4, 2001, began peacefully for Amy Rylance, 22, her husband Keith, and their friend Petra. They had been having a peaceful get-together at Rylance’s home in the little town of Gundiah, near Tiaro in Queensland, Australia, on this evening, and Amy ended up sleeping on the sofa in the living room while her husband slept in the main bedroom and Petra went to sleep in a guest annex.

The previously peaceful evening had been disrupted by a very violent storm, and Petra entered the living room at 11:30 PM to check on her companion. What she saw there initiated a peculiar chain of bizarre occurrences that would culminate in one of the most bizarre extraterrestrial abduction narratives ever recorded.

Petra would allege that upon entering the room, she witnessed Amy being lifted into the air and carried through the window outside, where a large disc-shaped craft hovered. The terrified woman briefly passed out, then raced out to inform Keith of what was occurring, but when they returned to the living room, Amy had vanished along with the weird object, leaving behind such a shattered window.

Keith dashed outside to look for his wife, but she was nowhere to be found. He then contacted the police to report Amy missing, still perplexed by Petra’s wild outburst about light beams and UFOs. The police arrived and did their own check of the property, discovering no trace of Amy but a few weird signs, such as a blooming bush outside the window she reportedly exited that appeared to have been twisted on one side by apparent high heat. That is when a phone call arrived, propelling the case even further into the realms of the weird.

Amy Rylance

Keith was taken aback when he picked up the phone and heard the voice of a woman claiming to have discovered Amy at a gas station. Amy had been discovered roaming around in a trance, severely dehydrated, and rambling nonsensically, and had been transported to a hospital for treatment, according to this woman.

Keith inquired as to her whereabouts and was astounded to learn that she was calling from the town of Mackay, some 500 miles away, which was impossible given the fact that only around an hour and a half had elapsed and Mackay was approximately an 8-hour trip away. How is this possible? The Mackay police were notified, and they located Amy at the hospital there, where things became increasingly odd.

Amy claimed that she remembered lying on the room’s sofa, followed by her sitting on some sort of seat in a vast, rectangular, highly lit room. At this point, a calm masculine voice saved her from falling into a panic, and suddenly a hole in the wall revealed a tall, slim guy clothed in some sort of full-body suit and wearing a black mask over his face.

Following this, the figure informed her that they were returning her from their journey, and her memory flashed back to her waking in a wilderness and finding her way to the gas station. Apart from the weird story she was giving, Amy possessed several unusual physical characteristics. For example, she was covered in strange red stains and triangular lines on her thighs and heels, and her body hair had grown significantly as if she had been gone for weeks.

Amy’s blood test revealed that she had not consumed alcohol or illegal substances, therefore it was unclear what to make of this bizarre scenario. Uncertain of whom else to call, Keith contacted Diane Harrison of the Australian UFO Research Network and ufologist Bill Chalker, who organized for an investigation, meeting with Keith, Petra, and Amy and inspecting the property where the purported experience occurred. Harrison believed the witnesses were serious, although she had some reservations about their study of the property.

Some of the damage on closer inspection seemed suggestive of possible dog damage. Our inspection of the plant damage also suggested possible prosaic causes, such as heat stress. A plant at the front of the house had similar damage and a healthy flowering bush of the same species that was at the window, was examined by us at Mount Basset lawn cemetery has similar damaged. A gardener there we spoke to indicated that the species often had random or more extensive damage of a heat stress nature from hot sunlight. The prosaic possibilities for both the screen and the plant damage are only suggestive at this point and further investigation is required. We undertook extensive investigations at the property and the area. Police were very helpful. Our investigation generated many issues and questions, which we feel need resolution, in order to assist interpretations of these events. Further extensive investigations were undertaken in Mackay, focusing in particular at the area where Amy Rylance returned. These included attempts to reconstruct the circumstances of Amy’s return, through onsite research. The BP petrol service station staff were spoken with and a surveillance video tape that may contain Amy’s visit there was provided to us by the station owner. This part of our investigation also generated many issues and questions that need resolution if we are to approach any measure of certainty about the real nature of the events alleged.

Keith, Amy Rylance, and Petra all vanished at this time, having checked out of a hotel where Harrison and Chalker had arranged for them to meet. Keith’s cell phone call revealed that the group had escaped an unknown individual who had been bothering them. Harrison would describe this bizarre call as follows:

In his mobile call, Keith apologized for not being available, but was indicating they had relocated to an unspecified location after having fled the area. The primary reason for this Keith indicated was that they claimed they had a kind of “men-in-black” experience. In this case Keith was reporting a pursuit of their vehicle by a high powered dark brown 4-wheel truck. The nature of this event apparently frightened Keith, Amy and Petra, prompting Keith to attempt to lose the vehicle and eventually leave the area. Before the completion of this preliminary report, we have heard from Keith again. We remain hopeful that they will get into more direct contact with us.

Following this, it appears as though the case fades into obscurity; the researchers were never able to speak with the witnesses, no fresh material has been released, and the case has faded into oblivion. What are we up against here? Why did the witnesses abruptly go, leaving more questions unanswered, and where did they go? Was this a genuine occurrence or a sophisticated hoax? Amy Rylance, her husband, and a friend appear to be the only ones who are certain.

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