The Kandahar Giant

Kandahar Giant: The Mythical Creature Allegedly Killed By U.S Special Forces In Afghanistan

The Kandahar Giant, a 13-foot-tall beast with fiery red hair, six fingers on each hand, and two sets of fangs, was alleged to have been slain in 2002 by an elite tactical squad. In August 2016, a YouTuber broadcast a lengthy interview with an unidentified military contractor who barely named himself as Mr. K. He said in the interview that he was there during the savage killing of a killer he dubbed the Kandahar Giant.

He stated, that the giant was killed during the height of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2002 when the military was involved in heavy fighting with the Taliban in their de facto capital of Kandahar Province during the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan. However, this was not a human combatant.

Kandahar Giant

Mr. K stated that the Kandahar Giant stood 13 feet tall, had blazing red hair, six fingers, and two sets of teeth. It even speared one of the Special Forces members before the rest of the unit knocked it down with steady gunfire for 30 seconds. And once they called for help it in, the Army removed its carcass and it has been hidden since the war. 

The Legends of the Kandahar Giant

Kandahar Giant

In 2002, a troop of soldiers went missing in a remote mountain region of Kandahar, Afghanistan’s south. After they lost radio communication for a longer length of time, the military dispatched a special operations team to investigate, though their branch of the armed services was never established.

The unit then discovered a cave high in the mountains with dispersed Army equipment but no indication of the missing soldiers. That is how they came upon the Kandahar Giant. Though the story develops in length with each recounting — with some tales claiming the humanoid rose to a height of 15 feet — this red-headed with, leather moccasins, and the odor of “dead corpses” emerged from the cave and impaled one of the soldiers with a spear.

And it was at this point that the soldiers began to fire, eventually taking down the monster with 30 seconds of continuous shooting.

“Between them, the squad was armed with full-auto M4 carbines, “recon carbines” (semi-automatic), and M107 Barrett anti-materiel rifles firing .50 BMG,” reads one report. “This much firepower concentrated on one target for one second, let alone thirty, would be extremely destructive.”

Following the giant’s death, the troops loaded it into a Chinook helicopter, which transported it to a plane, where it was never seen again. The soldiers were compelled to sign non-disclosure agreements in order for the authorities to maintain their silence. However, the troops ultimately broke their silence, as one of the guys subsequently stated, because “the public has a right to know the truth.”

Theories Formulated due to Government’s Denial

Kandahar Giant

Snopes contacted the Department of Defense in August 2016 over the “Kandahar Giant incident.” The Pentagon stated unequivocally to the publication that they have “no record or information” of a special forces soldier being killed by a giant in Kandahar.

Additionally, there are no press releases on the Department of Defense’s website regarding the disappearance of a “special forces troop” in Afghanistan or any event in which soldiers fell gigantic.

Of all, like with any good conspiracy, the absence of evidence does not prove that the Kandahar Giant tale does not exist. Indeed, Snopes’ debunking of the tale has had the opposite impact among certain cryptid communities, which assert that the government is “attempting to conceal the reality.”

Around the time of the Snopes article debunking the story, self-proclaimed supernaturalist L.A. Marzulli claimed on several right-wing websites that the US government was concealing this “spectacular” tale and that those in power had a “vested interest” in keeping the truth about Biblical prophecies hidden from the general public.

“People have a right to know about this stuff. If there are fifteen or eighteen footers roaming the Earth and our military has brought them down, we have a right as American citizens to know about it. I mean, this isn’t classified military stuff. This is something we need to know. And it points back to the Biblical prophetic narrative.”

Biblical Origins of the Kandahar Giant

The truth of the Kandahar Giant is far less exciting than the legend. In 2016, L.A. Marzulli, whose YouTube channel is dedicated to connecting contemporary events to Biblical predictions, resurrected the myth, owing to the Internet’s influence.

Marzulli interviewed Mr. K, a guy claiming to be a soldier who claimed to have observed the “Giant of Kandahar,” in a now-deleted video first released on August 16, 2016. Mr. K said he witnessed the monster wielding a spear and slaying a US soldier called “Dan” before he and the other “special forces” brought it down.

Kandahar Giant

According to Marzulli, the creature was a Nephilim, a group of humans recorded in the Old Testament’s Genesis and Numbers books who were described as “people of abnormally huge stature and power” who could be seen in the Middle East before to and during “The Flood” of Noah’s Ark renown.

According to Marzulli, the creature was a Nephilim, a group of humans recorded in the Old Testament’s Genesis and Numbers books who were described as “people of abnormally huge stature and power” who could be seen in the Middle East before to and during “The Flood” of Noah’s Ark renown.

However, biblical historians generally believe that the Nephilim stories were metaphors, not true accounts of a 13-foot giant dwelling in the wilderness.

Additionally, the only “Dan” who died in Kandahar during the purported event in 2002 was Sgt. 1st Class Daniel A. Romero, who was killed in a bomb blast together with three other soldiers.

Despite the evidence against it, the Kandahar Giant legend is still considered an “open secret” among soldiers who deployed in Kandahar in 2002. Additionally, numerous soldiers who fought in the region have stated that they were taught to aim their guns high from that point on, aiming for the head “and then a bit higher.”

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