The Alien Encounter Of Elizabeth Klarer: Planet Meton And Alien Child

The UFO phenomenon of Alien Abduction has been going on for quite some time now. People are often abducted for a short while, with or without will. They are left-back soon, with strange memories and stories. These stories come to memory only after hypnotizing, after a few days from the incident. Most of these incidents are weird, but the weirdest to date, is the South African woman, Elizabeth Klarer. She not only recalls abduction by aliens. but also remember being spirited away to an alien planet, having an alien lover and child.

Thus, here we have the strange abduction of Elizabeth Klarer, alien motherships, exotic new worlds, star-crossed lovers, and all utter bizarreness.

Who is Elizabeth Klarer?

Before this strange story began, Elizabeth Klarer had a clear history. She was a respectable woman, born in South Africa in 1910. She studied music and meteorology in England, before serving as an expert pilot in Royal Air Force. Also, she worked for the South African Air force Intelligence decoding secret German transmissions. Only around 1950, when she started reading books on UFOs. This is when she began having long-buried memories flashing from her childhood. She recalled that at the age of 7, she and her sister had seen a luminous silver disc flying over the field. They also saw, a bright orange-red and cratered planetoid that flew past high in the sky.

Elizabeth Klarer
Elizabeth Klarer

What Most People Saw?

There were other sightings of disk over the years, which she saw with her sister in Zulu farmhand. This strangeness turns bizarre in the mid-1950s when she experienced the weirdest alien abduction case of history.

These early memories brought Klarer into an interest in UFOs, and these got even strange when she had the responsibility to investigate a remote, rural hill outside of Johannesburg. According to the Zulu natives, the UFO was actually a mythical lightning bird from their lore. But when Elizabeth Klarer arrived, she encountered a spacecraft, appearing as a spinning disc with a stationary dome in the center.

The Incident In Elizabeth Klarer’s Eyes

The craft emitted a humming noise and she claimed to have seen one of the craft’s occupants through a porthole. She tried to get a closer look but claimed that she had been pushed away by a wave of heat pouring off of it. Klarer claims that she then began having telepathic communications with an entity calling itself “Akon.” He said that he was from the planet Meton, in the galactic region of Alpha Centauri. He also said that he was a crew member and scientist aboard the spacecraft, as well as that he was in fact the being she had seen through the porthole.

Elizabeth Klarer soon became obsessed with it all. She went back to the hill several times in the hope of seeing the ship and Akon again. Finally, in 1956, she saw the craft descend the hill. This time it was different. Akon revealed himself and his companion to Klarer. Apparently, the aliens invited her to their ship and brought her to a much longer, cigar-shaped mothership that was reportedly five miles in length and included cities, parks, trees, flowers, and even a lake.

This mothership, which she called the “city-ship” had inhabitants who looked like humans. They were only “taller, better looking, more considerate and gentle, not aggressive or violent.” According to Akon and the rest, they had relocated to Meton, from Venus when the latter became inhospitable. Venus, was once habitable like Earth, alive with vegetation but gradually became a hostile environment. In the words of Elizabeth Klarer:

Meton: The Other Planet

“The Venusian scientists recognized the Sun was a visible star, with maximum and minimum periods of sunspot cycles, which happens to this day, but at certain epochs, in time it expands. Now the Sun is expanding and contracting all the time. It is pulsating like a heart, but at certain epochs, it expands out more, in intensified radiation. Now this is what happened to Venus, and being closer to the Sun its seas had dried out, and what little fauna remained (and all the flora) were destroyed. And then of course the dinosaurs, which had dominated the Earth, were also destroyed through the intensified radiation. Thus the great civilization from Venus was able to get away from Venus, and landed on earth and the moon, as way-stations.

They moved to Meton which is now the home planet because it is very similar to their mother planet, Venus, in atmospheric conditions, distance from the star, and also, the more important of all, the higher vibratory rates, which is more compatible to an advanced civilization and consciousness. They had bases on the Moon, Mars, and Earth which they still visit. The Venus people left a section of their civilization here on Earth to look after the planet and advance the mentality and consciousness of the indigenous people of this planet, which they are in the process of doing.”

Elizabeth Klarer’s Romantic Alien Partner

Thereafter, Klarer was returned to Earth. She had several meetings with Akon, usually at the same hill, and felt herself getting attracted towards him. Akon gave her a telepathic silver ring and called her a reincarnated Venusian. Strange already, is not it? Yet, more is to come.

Soon, according to Elizabeth Klarer, they consummated their relationship, leading Klarer to become pregnant with Akon’s child. She thus decided to run off to Meton in their mothership in 1958, as discussed with Akon.

Klarer thus allegedly stayed on Meton for four whole months and gave birth to their child Ayling, as discussed. Klare described it in meticulous detail, including their government, education, way of living, and the flora and fauna. Meton seemed to be a utopian society, with no wars, crimes of poverty, and equal access to food and energy. There existed no monetary system and produced unlimited renewable energy. People had a great standard of living, with luxurious silk clothing, living in expansive parks, and since there were no buildings, there was no pollution. In an interview with Stuart Bush, she stated about Meton that:

Sketch of “Akon”

Living In Meton

“It is similar in size to Earth, a little larger, covered with vast seas, and the lands are islands, not continents. Climate is beautiful, under control, and in fact, is really a utopia. They have everything they want. They are not only thousands of years ahead technologically from us, but are also spiritually very advanced. There are no politics, law, or monetary system. Medicine is a scientific activity and not required for health since they are all in perfect health. Their way of thinking is quite different from what most people over here would understand. They are loving, gentle, and constructive people.

Everyone industriously does their work which they like doing most. There is no need for law; there is no crime or police. Everyone is free and has a code of ethics. They constantly create beauty around them and in general, there is complete harmony. Their homes are lovely. You can see from the inside out; the material is transparent one way. They don’t have schools or universities. Their education is completely visual ~ all done by what is called an electric mirage. They have a little vial about three inches long and they insert it into a niche in their home or the wall of a spaceship.

A 3D scene fills the room ~ an advanced form of a holograph. There are no books. They travel a great deal. The young children are taken around the galaxy so they can learn from experience. They can use the electric mirage to go back to a former time in their history. They could, for instance, view our planet at the time of the dinosaurs.

It has beautiful paintings and creates lovely music ~ harmonic music and very uplifting spiritually, which relate to the harmonic music of the galaxy. They communicate by means of telepathy and educational concepts can get transferred this way. They are capable of thinking in terms of the basic concepts not dependent on language ~ they perceive the feelingness behind words. There is no problem in the learning of languages such as any of those on Earth.”

Bringing Out The Truth

In spite of Meton being a euphoric place to live in, the magnetic field of the planet was greater than Earth. Due to this, her heart became weaker, and bidding sad goodbye, she came back to Earth. She now meets her child and Akon, only some time on Earth. Using her experience she preached for a society of peace, love, and environmental understanding. She tried to raise awareness of these things and bring the people of Earth to a higher level like her beloved Venusians.

In the meantime, her story came out she was the guest of honor at the 11th International Congress of UFO Research Groups of Wiesbaden in 1975. Her stories were often ridiculed but she remained confident and defended her surreal story. Elizabeth Klarer further wrote a book about her experiences, in 1980. It was titled, “Beyond the Light Barrier.” It drew the attention of the nefarious government and the critics. She started writing a second book, titled, “The Gravity File” which was left incomplete due to her death in 1994.

Indeed, are not we left with the most strange story of a woman, whisked away to another planet, mothering an alien’s child? She has stood strong to all criticism, and believed in what she saw, lived, and said. Many interviewers tried to contradict her, calling it “A Good Fiction”, but she refused to do it, calling it her reality. According to Stuart Bush, she seemed to have an answer for everything, without ever losing a beat.

Criticism, Questions And Conclusions

Criticisms come to great stories, and of course. The fact that she beared the child of an alien, lived on another planet for 4 months, had no evidence, in spite of all her firm stories. There was no proof of her pregnancy either. The only evidence found, however, is the ring Akon gave her which she never let be examined. It has disappeared now. Other pieces of evidence include Akon’s flying saucer, which in fact looks like a hubcap in the air. Although, the lack of evidence makes the story of abduction, fictional, her book, and confidence encourage many researchers. to believe her.

What actually happened to Elizabeth Klarer? Is she only pulling legs and cooking up a great fiction? Like J.K Rowling’s world? Is it all a delusion or a product of the warped mind? Her credentials prove her stories to be true. Having no way to disapprove it, we probably have to go on and wonder really how much of it, is true. Or, what do you think?

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  1. I believe her why not these aliens are just an extension of the human species just living on another planet in another solar system with the ability to travel to anywhere they want, I’m wondering why they couldn’t have done something for her to remain on that planet with their advanced technology I certainly wouldn’t want to come back to Earth that’s for sure, Maybe in a thousand years if we haven’t wiped our race out of extinction we’ll be on the same level as those aliens are like many other planets have done.

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