The Autopilot Of Tesla Car Detected A Ghost In A Graveyard

Not all the dead can rest in peace. Sometimes, the spirits decide to cross into the afterlife, inhabiting the vegetated paths that surround old cemeteries and frightening those who dare to visit those who have already left forever. It is for this reason that cemeteries around the world have gained the popularity of being inhabited by ghosts for many different reasons, including grave robberies, unmarked or forgotten burials, natural disasters that disturb resting places, or sometimes, even because the deceased was not buried according to his last wishes.

Add all of the above to the fact that cemeteries are generally dark and eerily quiet places, making them the perfect setting for encounters with ghosts. From a World War II cemetery to the grave of a heartbroken woman, all over the world, their presences are still very much present in graveyards. But the last thing we expected to see is a video that has gone viral on social networks and that shows how an autonomous Tesla car detects a figure with its motion sensors in a cemetery without people.

Tesla Car Detected A Ghost

Tesla cars are trending again on social media, as they seem to be so advanced that they can even detect ghosts. Tesla, from the magician of technology Elon Musk, has surprised the world on more than one occasion, because in addition to being hybrid vehicles, their innovations bring us closer and closer to the future.

Likewise, the company has been involved in controversy over some problems in its systems, such as the pedestrian detector that has failed more than once, so when updating it they have probably found an unexpected utility since it now detects ghosts.

Tesla Car Detected A Ghost

In a video shared by the Twitter account @rnadxb, you can see the chilling moment that shows that Tesla autonomous cars now cover the supernatural terrain with their vehicles, although for some skeptics it is hard to believe. The user recorded the moment he was in a cemetery, activating the car’s famous and controversial pedestrian detector when he suddenly recognized a person walking near the vehicle.

It may not seem like something out of the ordinary, as it could have been a person visiting a grave, but when you focus the camera on and around the cemetery, it is clear that the place is completely empty. But what nobody expected is the reaction of the Internet users who own Teslas, who have even been encouraged to visit these types of places to see if the system really detects ghosts, in the so-called Tik-Tok Challenge.

The Tesla 4D radar, an update included in the Model 3 series,  allows to identify, evaluate and react to various real scenarios through a system that provides high resolution images in real time. This autopilot system is intended to reduce the overall workload of the driver. With 8 external cameras, radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a technologically advanced computer, the system can provide additional safety features to guide the car’s journey.

Among the features of Tesla’s autopilot is the ability to match the speed of the car with traffic conditions on the road. It can also detect road signs and traffic lights and slow down the car automatically, as well as being able to press the brakes accordingly when detecting the car or obstacles ahead that may collide with the car.

And there were many who claimed that Tesla’s advanced system detected a ghostly presence . Experts in the field argue that this type of car uses systems with radar, LIDAR or ultrasonic sensors. They all use frequencies that these systems emit and that we cannot perceive. So because supernatural beings emit electromagnetic energy, it cannot be ruled out that Tesla’s security system detected the presence of spirits. What’s more, even this technology can help investigate them.

But we also have the skeptical explanation. Apparently, algorithms that recognize the image from Tesla’s exterior cameras mistook one of the glowing funeral wreaths by the graves on the lawn for a person. For the skeptics this example shows once again that the driver assistance systems and various “autopilots” are still far from perfect and sometimes make mistakes. Although it must be said that this explanation is unfounded, since then the system would have detected many “ghosts” , and the cemetery that can be seen in the video was full of funeral wreaths. Not to say that thousands of Tesla car owners would have reported this problem.

What do you think about the video? Do you think the Tesla car detected a ghost?

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