The Extraterrestrial Trinity: A Bridge Between Religion And The UFO Phenomenon

What does the Trinity of religions have to do with the extraterrestrial theme? 

The Extraterrestrial Trinity: A Bridge Between Religion And The UFO Phenomenon

The concept of Trinity belongs to the realm of religion; especially to Catholicism and Hinduism, and refers to the existence of three beings that make up the same God. 
In the Catholic religion, the trinity is made up of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. 
But more than representing three people, it expresses the idea that God has three different aspects; the father is the creator, the son is the created, and the holy spirit is the invisible part that sustains the entire universe and keeps it alive.

The Extraterrestrial Trinity: A Bridge Between Religion And The UFO Phenomenon

In Hinduism, there is a similar concept known as Trimurti, and it is made up of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. 
Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the preserver of creation, and Shiva is the destroyer of worlds; the one who is in charge of ending one era so that another begins.

Having clarified this point, I imagine you are wondering: What does the trinity of religions have to do with the extraterrestrial theme? 
Well, the answer is strongly linked to the well-known ancient astronaut hypothesis, according to which, we were visited in remote times by beings from other worlds. 
These beings dazzled our ancestors with their technology and made them think that they were true gods.

But this hypothesis has a fork. 
On the one hand, the most classic argument is that they were not gods, because they were flesh and blood aliens. 
On the other hand, there is the possibility that these very advanced beings were capable of genetically creating the human species. 
If so, these creatures would have the status of “gods”, by the very fact of having created us.

So, so far, we have established the relationship between the concept of “God” and that of “Extraterrestrial”: both are superior beings, alien to the human species, and capable of creating life. 
Starting from this first coincidence, we go for the second: the triad aspect that occurs in so many ufological cases.

The Extraterrestrial Trinity

Over the years, I have noticed that despite the enormous number and variety of sightings of anomalous beings in the UFO casuistry, there are a series of characteristics that are repeated over and over again, but there is one that has caught my attention.
The sighting of three humanoids in countless cases of the so-called close Encounters of the Third Kind. 
Next, we are going to see a string of stories that show that particularity.

Carlos Díaz case

On January 5, 1975, in the city of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, at approximately 3 am; A man named Carlos Alberto Díaz finished his working day as a waiter in a bar and left for his home. 
At about 3:30 a.m., he saw a powerful light descend from the sky.

The Extraterrestrial Trinity: A Bridge Between Religion And The UFO Phenomenon

According to his own account, he was immobile, losing consciousness shortly after. 
When he came to, he found himself inside a sphere that had the floor as plasticized and had no holes to the outside — no doors or windows. 
A quarter of an hour later, he was approached by three green-skinned beings who had no hands, mouth, nose, or ears. 
After a while, he lost consciousness again and regained consciousness in the early hours of dawn. 
When that happened, it was 45 kilometers from the Federal Capital; very far from the city where the abduction occurred.

Pascagoula case

On October 11, 1973, Hickson and Parker decided to go fishing at a dock at the Shaupeter shipyard; an Abandoned structure on the banks of the Pascagoula River. 
Suddenly, they both felt a strange buzzing sound that seemed to come from an object shaped like a football; from the same, a door was opened from which three extraordinary and somewhat creepy beings emerged, which floated in the air towards Hickson and Parker.

The beings, according to the description offered by the witnesses, had gray and wrinkled skin, legs like those of an elephant, arms that ended in pincers and had no apparent face; instead, they had protrusions that occupied the place where the ears and nose of a human being would meet.

Under the power of these beings, the two fishermen were transferred inside the ship, where they underwent a kind of physical examination performed by a large “eye” that moved as if floating in the air. 
Later, both abductees were returned outside, and one of them declared hearing a voice that said to him mentally: “We are peaceful. It was not our intention to hurt you.”

Meneses Case

On December 15, 1981, the driver of a Provincial Highway vehicle, Rubén Meneses, was abducted in broad daylight by a strange luminous object.

The witness, at that time a 42-year-old man, was driving on a local road between San Luis del Palmar and Itatí (Corrientes Province, Argentina) and was taken in a few minutes by an unknown object to Berón de Astrada, a city located 110 kilometers away.

Recalling that moment, he told different media:

I felt a strange tingling throughout my body, I could not move even if I wanted to and I saw how the truck began to rise and gain height, it became transparent as if it were glass and everything began to vibrate. I was scared, but I couldn’t move or scream, I was kind of paralyzed. I looked down and saw the asphalt tape getting smaller and smaller and the cars driving by. At that moment I fainted and when I regained consciousness, I was in the town of Berón de Astrada, some 110 kilometers further south.

But the extraordinary experience does not end there, because sometime later, Rubén underwent hypnosis with medical specialists and stated the following:

“I was taken inside a ship, apparently it had mirrored walls or a very shiny metallic material, I don’t know how they got me out of the truck. Once inside that device, they put me on a stretcher that had no legs, or at least I couldn’t see them, it was like suspended in the air. Then three short beings the size of a 10-year-old boy entered; They were gray-skinned and human-like, albeit with large heads, slanted eyes, and barely visible mouths. The skin was gray and rough like that of an elephant, to compare with something familiar.”

Conil Case

On September 29, 1989, in Conil de la frontera, Cádiz, five friends between 20 and 30 years old went down to the deserted beach. 
At the stroke of midnight, they saw something that changed their lives: two 2.15 tall beings in white robes passing a sphere of light. 
They had an appearance similar to people, but the five people from Cádiz claimed that:

They were not. They didn’t even have facial features. They weren’t human but humanoid.

The Extraterrestrial Trinity: A Bridge Between Religion And The UFO Phenomenon

Pedro González, one of the protagonists, remembered it like this:

“They sit down and begin to exchange a white sphere from hand to hand. The other Pedro (Sánchez, another of the boys who went down to the beach that night) had binoculars and saw the third being with a larger wingspan, about three meters, and a much larger and white head. He is a person who is very nervous and ran away. I tried to stop him to ask him what he had seen and he told me that it was a being of three meters with a very big head and dressed in black .”

This testimony tells that when the strange beings were observed, they made a kind of mounds to hide. 
Thus they disappeared from his field of vision, but reappeared a few minutes later transformed into a young couple; a blond man dressed in jean pants and a brunette woman in a skirt. 
They both left the beach without saying a peep, while the third humanoid stayed on the beach in a mist.

Llanca Case

On October 28, 1973, Dionisio Llanca, a 25-year-old truck driver, was driving one of the company vehicles for which he worked heading to southern Argentina. 
Upon reaching Route 3, he had a flat tire, so he decided to change it. 
It was 1.30 in the morning when, suddenly, he saw a bright light in the sky that was getting bigger and bigger. 
After a few seconds, Llanca turned to look behind him and saw three beings watching him. 
An hour and a half later, he woke up 10 kilometers from where he had stopped to fix the tire.

At that time, the renowned researcher and ufologist Fabio Zerpa became interested in the case and began to inquire more about the matter. 
After several days of research, the data were appearing, but they were very scarce; so they decided to do hypnosis sessions. 
Only then did Llanca begin to remember what really happened that night; under hypnosis, he commented that he was abducted by beings from an alien ship and that through a digital screen they told him that he had no reason to worry, that they were not going to do anything wrong, they only wanted to review him.

As the days passed, the interest of the people was heard and the media did not let Dionisio rest, which led him to suddenly disappear from all sides to be able to breathe of that unexpected fame.

The Salyut 6 case

Between May 14 and 15, 1981, a series of sightings occurred in which, according to what is said, the Soviet cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalyonok and Viktor Savinykh were the protagonists; both aboard the Salyut 6 orbital station.

The protagonists of this story arrived at the station on March 6, 1981, and stayed there for about 75 days. On March 14, Vladimir saw a round object that was about a kilometer away while conducting science experiments. 
He alerted Viktor and they both observed the object, while Vladimir filmed the ship for about 45 minutes. 
For the rest of the day, the UFO remained in that position.

The next day, the spacecraft was only 100 meters from the station and the cosmonauts observed it in more detail: there was no sign of anything that could give the object propulsion. 
It had 24 windows divided into three levels, within which they could see three humanoid figures wearing helmets; but it was still possible to see their faces with large eyebrows, straight noses, and huge blank blue eyes. 
None of the facial muscles seemed to move, but the beings moved normally, albeit mechanically and artificially.

The cosmonauts requested permission from Earth to attempt visual and physical contact. 
The first was allowed, but the second was denied. 
Vladimir took and opened a map of the Universe to show it to the beings. 
They responded and opened a much more precise and detailed one. 
They pointed to the Solar System within the Milky Way and Vladimir responded with a “positive” sign. 
The beings returned the same gesture, and immediately, the UFO began to move away and successively approach the station — making these transfer movements up to six times.

Using a powerful flashlight, Vladimir tried to communicate via Morse code, creating the phrase “Soviet cosmonauts greet visitors from Earth” in Russian. 
Since the beings did not respond, he tried to say, in English, “Do you understand us?” But again there was no reaction. 
Then he tested the binary code and pointed to 101101.
The message the beings sent back was not only a response but also a logarithm to the base used by him.

The next day, the beings were floating out of their ship. The cosmonauts asked permission to leave the station but were detained. 
On the fourth day, the mysterious ship disappeared.

Aliens in Chascomús

On September 13, 2010, the Argentine newspaper Minuto Neuquén published the following news:

“A trio of humanoids with red eyes and orange rims terrorized the landlord of a ranch in the town of Chascomús. 
This fact challenges the ability of ufologists to interpret the reason why these entities made a singular show of force when they put back up a tree of more than two tons that had fallen for a year, not far from the rural establishment.”

Two-ton tree set up by three presumably extraterrestrial beings.

“The event also combines the discovery of a dissected semicircular footprint about a hundred meters from the place where these presences were detected, right in the place where the fallen tree was located. Furthermore, as if that were not enough, a succession of finds of mutilated animal corpses through procedures alien to the practices carried out by man was discovered in parallel in fields of Chascomús.”

Men in Black

The Men in Black are mysterious and shadowy characters who have appeared through time to intimidate UFO witnesses, or who were the protagonists of close encounters of greater types. 
And while the nature of these beings is a mystery – from government agents to extraterrestrial bio-bots – in the large number of cases in which they were reported, they have been seen in three.

Meanings and interpretations of number 3

The idea of ​​the cosmic trinity is as old as man. Anthropologically, scholars have concluded that for primitive man, the number 3 represented the first idea of ​​stability, the first numerical count, and the first concept of harmony. 
In this way, psychologically, the human being associates the notion of the triad as a cosmic-religious entity since time immemorial (Muñoz, 1973).

Let us mention that the trinitarian idea already existed in very ancient religions, not only in the Christian or the Hindu but also in the Egyptian religion, with the Horus-Osiris-Isis triad.


Throughout modern and contemporary history, many people have wondered; Why is God no longer communicating as frequently and explicitly today as in Biblical times?”

With the passage of time and new knowledge, the foundations are no longer the same, but ironically answer remains almost the same although more comprehensive:

“God does not communicate with humans through words or appearances as narrated in the bible, but perhaps it does so through the circumstances that occur to us every day, through what we call destiny and we think it is left to chance.”

In the sacred literature of other religions, there are also elements that suggest the idea that God was not God.
For example, in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna (the incarnation of God Vishnu) tells his disciple Arjuna to kill those on the opposite side who were his cousins ​​- according to his argument, we all have a role to play in this life and the Arjuna’s role was to be king, which he would not have achieved if he left power to his cousin, who wanted to take away his crown.
It is evident that behind those words there was an interest in power and in managing Arjuna’s will.

In both the Arjuna and Abraham episodes, “God” incites under well-crafted pretexts the subject in question to kill an individual of his own species and/or family; a totally reprehensible and immoral act, which has nothing to do with the image of the good God that we have always been told about.
In the Mormon religion there is a similar episode from which we will share some fragments:

“I, Nephi, sneaked into the city and went to Laban’s house (…) And I was guided by the Spirit, not knowing what I would have to do (…) However, I kept going, and as I got closer to Laban I saw a man who was fallen on the ground in front of me because he was drunk (…) As I approached him, I found that it was Laban (…) Perceiving his sword, I took it out of the sheath and it happened that the Spirit constricted me to kill Laban; but I said in my heart: “I have never shed human blood” (…) And the Spirit told me again: “Behold, the Lord has placed it in your hands (…) Therefore, obeying the voice of the Spirit and Seizing Laban by the hair, I cut off his head with his own sword.”

We must bring following points to your notice:

  • God, the creator, communicates with his creation in subtle ways and through his own nature, but does not make great or spectacular appearances; those that do are other entities.
  • The voice of God (or gods) heard by many prophets in ancient times, was not the voice of the God who created the universe, although perhaps they were the voices of our creators; some kind of intelligence that had to do with our origin. They may also not have created us physically, but they did take it upon themselves to guide the course of our history through psychological manipulation.
  • The beings that we call extraterrestrials, are sometimes peaceful and other times aggressive; just like God, angels, and demons.
  • The idea of ​​trinity is an archetype that has been in our psyche since time immemorial, and beyond it could really exist, the trinitarian image is being used by UFO crews to reach the depths of our being and thus achieve various purposes with the human being.
  • The psychic effects that result from an encounter with beings from other worlds, according to witnesses, are similar or equal to those that can be seen in people who have or have had mystical experiences; which suggests that the coincidence between the two phenomena is not accidental.

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