The Mystery Of The Crop Circles

Crop Circles, or crop circles, are an old phenomenon, as these are described in both medieval and ancient periodicals.

Like the pyramids and ancient works of art, these can be the test of extraterrestrial visits on Earth, with the difference that, still today, new creations continue to appear regularly. However, in the last decade, they have become increasingly large and with more complicated and beautiful designs.

Crop CirclesPerhaps the most fascinating recorded video is when one of the crop circles was being created, and it was the one filmed in 1999 by a student named John Wayleigh on Oliver Castle Hill in Wiltshire. Early in the morning, he captured with his camera how two orbs of light flew over the field, where at once one can see how a new formation appears. He ran into a small pub called “The Barge Inn,” where the “croppies” like to get together. John showed the images to his astonished audience, so is this how they are created? A while later they no doubt found new circles in a field near Oliver’s castle.

The phenomenon of the two orbs of light creating a circle in the crop, flying as if they were playing between them has been reported for other circles. Even in other continents where, usually, no one is interested in this phenomenon.

The truth is that the mystery of the Crop Circles is still alive and also continues to pose an enigma for the scientific world, since it has not yet been able to reveal the secret of its formation and of course, why they are formed. What do you think?

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