Flight 513

The Flight 513: Plane That Disappeared And Reappeared 35 Years Later

One of the most enigmatic and terrifying events in history is the case of Flight 513; a plane that supposedly disappeared in 1954 and landed in 1989 Thirty-five years while all the occupants were turned into a skeleton.

Flight 513
Excerpt from the Word Weekly News article on Flight 513.

The airplane departed from Germany in 1954 and mysteriously disappeared from all radars. Experts presumed that it crashed. However, Flight 513 reappeared in Brazil, 3 decades later.

The most surprising thing is that the plane was completely intact and made a perfect landing. What happened?

The Unexplainable Mystery Of Flight 513

The story was reported in the World Weekly News. In fact, the person in charge of writing the article was fired, as they believed that it was a simple prank or imagination.

But the story continues to this day and is that supposed evidence has been found that the case was totally real.

Santiago Flight 513 took off from Aachen, Germany, on the afternoon of September 4, 1954. The destination of the plane was Santiago de Chile, in South America. There were 88 passengers and 4 crew members on the plane.

There was nothing special about the plane, or at least, not that is known. There were also no attention-grabbing passengers or any secret cargo. It was an ordinary flight that operated regularly.

But a few hours later, while flying over the Atlantic, the plane simply disappeared from radar. There was no further contact with the control tower and the experts were unable to do anything else.

Flight 513

What could have happened?

If no other information to hold onto to give a coherent explanation, without finding the wreckage, the experts had no choice but to declare that it had crashed.

Thus, the official version said that Flight 513 bound for Santiago had experienced flight failures and ended up crashing into the ocean. They also reported the 92 people on board as deceased.

But obviously, the case was far from resolved. As we mentioned, there was no trace of the crash site. The exploration flights did not find the remains of the ship, not bodies, or anything.

35 years later, the flight appeared in Brazil, with the 92 skeletons of its crew on board. Surprising everyone.

There are many theories around this strange event, to the point that even today, it remains unsolved. Some experts suggest that it was a case of alien abduction. Others believe it was some unknown phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle. It has even been mentioned that they could have passed through some space-time vortex that was created in the sky.

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