The journey of Enoch: Places visited by the prophet on Earth and in Heaven

Enoch discovered secret places in the mythology of the ancient world. He found terrestrial and celestial places, such as the Abyss, abodes of fallen angels, and Sheol.

The journey of Enoch: Places visited by the prophet on Earth and in Heaven

The fascinating tale of journey of Enoch tells that the prophet traveled with angels to discover mysterious and hidden places on Earth and in Heaven, such as Sheol, the Jewish underworld, as well as the Abyss, gigantic sacred mountains, dwellings of angels and fallen angels, gates of heaven and ten heavens.

The journey of Enoch: Places visited by the prophet on Earth and in Heaven
Yahweh in heaven in a painting by William Blake

Enoch in the Ten Heavens

The Journey of Enoch to Heaven was led by the archangel Uriel and started with a type of spaceship: the prophet was lifted up in a chariot that gave off fire and lightning.
The Ten Heavens are described as an unwelcoming, inhospitable and frightening place, full of fire and ice
In heavens, he found structures or temples made of fire, ice, shooting stars, and lightning. 
Enoch also visited some portals where the rain and snow appear.
In his first book, the gates of heaven have stars coming out of them, which sounds quite dreamy.
The Second Book of Enoch is a Pseudo – epigraph text from the 1st century BC, falsely attributed to the prophet but based on Jewish traditions related to him.
In this book, he expanded on the journey to the Ten Heavens.
The First Heaven is situated above the wide blue yonder where angels control atmospheric phenomena such as rain and snow.
In the Second Heaven, there is a “darkness” where rebellious angels are punished and tortured. 
The Third Heaven shows the Garden of Eden.
At further north of that heaven is a hell where the unjust and those who committed sins are tortured
In the Fourth Heaven, the movement of the Sun and the Moon is observed.

Representation of Enoch’s Travels

The Fifth Heaven shows many of the Grigori, Watchers, or the Fallen Angels.

Left: Enoch ascending to heaven. 
Right: Book of Enoch manuscript 

In the Sixth Heaven, Enoch meets some archangels.
Among them are seven phoenixes, seven cherubs, and seven beings with six wings.
The Seventh Heaven is full of angels, Enoch manages to contemplate, from a distance, the very God Yahweh sitting on his throne, illuminated in an amazing and supernatural way.
In the Eighth Heaven lives Muzalot, who moves the zodiac and the constellations.
The Ninth Heaven is the mere upper firmament, where the stellar zodiac is.
The throne of Yahweh is in the Tenth Heaven.
There Enoch was made an archangel (in Metatron according to Jewish traditions).

Journey Of enoch include Abyss, Sheol and other mysterious places on Earth

In chapter 20 of the Book of Enoch (Book I), Enoch observes the Abyss, a dark well filled with heavenly fire.
Uriel explains that this is the place where the Fallen Angels will be imprisoned.
On the west side of a great mountain is a place where the souls of the dead gather, waiting for the Day of Judgment.
It is Sheol, the underworld of Jewish mythology, where just and unjust humans await.

In chapters 24-25, the visit to another terrestrial place which has a colossal mountain of fire and other mountains made of precious stones is narrated.
The greatest of these is the throne where God Yahweh would sit when he visits Earth in the future. 
On this throne is the Tree of Life of Paradise.
In Chapter 26, Enoch visits the center of the Earth, which has a stream of water that flows from a holy mountain.
From this vantage point, he sees a desolated land, which is where those who insulted or blasphemed against God Yahweh lie.
The Book of Enoch and the other two attributed to him (Second and Third Books) are fascinating readings of extraordinary experiences of this ancient prophet. 
Perhaps yes, these places are real, and only a few humans, like Enoch, have been able to witness.

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