A Ghost Girl Appeared Behind The Teacher During Online Class

The case happened in Mexico last month, when a teacher was explaining to his students and something strange a Ghost Girl for many of a paranormal nature made its appearance. 
And during the class students were able to capture the image of a supposed ghost girl, who observed the teacher from the darkness of the adjoining room.

A Ghost Girl Appeared Behind The Teacher During Online Class

With different levels of confinement and the pandemic, people are spending more time at home, depending on technology for, among other things, teaching and education. 
In this context, something strange was recorded in the background of a virtual class. Is it a ghost?

In the video, it can be seen that everything begins when the man asks his students if they know what a paradox is, and moments later the door to his room opens for no reason. 
The teacher reacts immediately, somewhat surprised, but in an effort to continue with his class, he only closes the door and continues as if nothing had happened.

The online class continued, but after a few minutes the figure of what looks like a girl can be seen in the back of the room crawling on the floor, until a terrifying face peeks for a few seconds behind the wall.

This caused fear in the students who attended the class, students made the teacher notice what they were seeing on their screens.

The man assured that he was in his house – where he recently moved – only with his dog and nobody else.

His students then spread the images on social networks, where they quickly went viral and garnered various opinions from Internet users, from those who were frightened and believe that it was really a paranormal event, to those who think that it is a prank or the live video was altered in some way later.

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