The Lanzhou Stone

The Lanzhou Stone: Trace Of Life On Other Planets Or Remains Of An Advanced Ancient Civilization?

A few years ago in June 2002, a strange Out Of Space Artifact named the Lanzhou Stone was found by a Chinese collector from Lanzhou named Mr. Zhilin Wang. The strange artifact was an unusual stone encapsulated with a screw-threaded metal bar and was discovered near the Marzong Mountain region on the borders of the Ganu and Xijiang provinces, China.

The Lanzhou Stone
The Lanzhou Stone

Many space science experts and researchers’ attention was drawn towards the Lanzhou Stone and they believed it to be an outer space artifact.

Detailed Appearance Of The Lanzhou Stone

The strange stone measured about 8cm x 6cm x 6cm and was pear-shaped, it weighed 466 grams and was extensively hard. The stone was completely unfamiliar to those found on earth and was also suspected to be a meteorite.

Not just because of the composition of the stone, it gained such massive attention but also because of the astonishing screw-threaded metal bar embedded within it.

Also, the growth of microbes didn’t alter the width of the thread and the width remained the same from the thick end to the thin end.

Published In The ‘Lanzhou Morning News’ On June 26,2002

“More than 10 geologists and global physicists from the National Land Resources Bureau of Gansu Province, Colored Metal Survey Bureau of Gansu Province, the Institute of Geology and Minerals Research of China Academy, Lanzhou Branch, and the School of Resources and Environment of Lanzhou College gathered to study the origin of this mysterious stone.

After a discussion about its possibility of being man-made and the possible reasons for its formation, the scientists unanimously labeled the stone as one of the most valuable objects in China and in the world for collection, research, and Archeological studies.”

The Incredible Hypotheses Based On Research And Study Of Lanzhou Stone

While studying the formation of stone, scientists put forward great hypotheses. One of those hypotheses stated that there could be similar civilizations that existed like the current civilization before on planet earth and the mysterious stone belonged to one of those civilizations.

The Silurian Hypothesis Of The Existence Of Prehistoric Civilization

The Silurian Hypothesis is a thought-provoking work that evaluates the ability of modern science to detect evidence of an advanced civilization before, perhaps a few million or a few hundred million years ago. In a paper called the Silurian Conjecture published in the Cambridge University Journal of Astrobiology, Adam Frank, an astrophysicist at the University of Rochester, and Gavin Schmidt, director of Goddard’s Institute for Space Studies NASA, proposed an advanced civilization before humans appeared and thought “is it possible to detect an industrial civilization in the geological record?” The term “Silurian Hypothesis” was inspired by a 1970s episode of Doctor Who featuring an intelligent reptilian race.

One of the other theories states that the Lanzhou stone could be a meteorite that carried a message in the form of the screw-threaded metal bar enclosed safely within the stone. The theory suggests that the messages could be sent by extraterrestrial beings.

In the end, all scientists and researchers agreed on the fact that further study on the Lanzhou Stone is needed in order to answer all the questions related to it.

An Illustration Of Advanced Alien Civilization

Thoughts Of Experts On Lanzhou Stone

The experts were mystified by the Lanzhou Stone but on the other hand, there were many who were skeptical about the stone and they believed that it was nothing but a solidified tar with a screw in it. At last, skeptics stated that the Lanzhou Stone was nothing but ordinary rock.

Lanzhou Stone’s Current Location And Condition

The location of the stone is unknown and the study about the stone is not revealed. Despite this there are many mysterious theories based on the stone. The rod was fabricated and it was found that advanced technology is needed to manufacture something like that.

Final Statement Based On The Lanzhou Stone

The stone is still not identified and remains a mystery among scientists. But if the stone is really a meteorite then it gives us a major clue that we are not alone in this vast universe and someone is trying to establish a connection with us.

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