The ‘Maya codices’ is authentic and full of visions of the future

The Maya codices of Mexico “is authentic and the oldest legible pre-Hispanic manuscript on the American continent,” declared by the director-general of the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

Maya codices

The authenticity of the Maya codices had been questioned before for two reasons: One is that it would have been found after looting, so there were no archaeological documents from its original context, and another is that its style differs from other known Mayan codes whose authenticity was demonstrated.

The 10 sheets of the code, measuring an average of 12.5 centimeters in length, must have belonged to a set of at least 20 sheets. These codes are compatible with three layers of beloved paper crust.

Experts emphasize that the content of the Maya Code consists of a divination calendar on the Venus cycle, a topic related to the auspices of good harvests and the weather forecast, fundamental for the ancients in times of scarcity.

But … If 2012 was the end of time or the awakening of a new dawn for humanity, why did this vision fail? Was it a mismatch in the date due to wrong calculations?

And what has happened since December 21, 2012? Within the Mayan cosmogony it is possible that their visions clarify a clearer vision of what may happen to our society.

However, life patterns have changed since the industrial revolution, towards a philosophy of materialism, affecting, in the first instance, the climate. And let’s not forget that the planet is subject to its own evolutions in accordance with the solar system and the galaxy itself.

Maya codices

One of the oldest and most important codes of the Mayan era is the Dresden code.

This code, kept for years in the library, was written in the ancient Mayan language and contains, in the few intact pages, around seventy, important notes on “The cycles of Venus and the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon”.

The accuracy of the annotations contained in what remains of the original Dresden code is impressive, considering the fact that the reported forecasts refer to astronomical events that are far away in time and place.

The Mayans spoke of a new golden age, which would be born from the ashes of the previous one. For many scholars, the most important element is the last page of the code, where it states that the water will overwhelm everything.

“When you get out of the volcanoes, the Sun and the Moon create darkness around you, where there used to be light.”

From what emerges, it is not difficult to understand how, when interpreting this final part, one could think of a flood, as it happened in the case of the alleged disappearance of Atlantis.

However, the Mayans did not speak of the end of the world, but only of the end of a world, or rather, the end of an era and the beginning of the golden age.

A new dawn that would have to begin on December 21, 2019, 7 years after the wrong vision in the translation … will these visions of the past finally come true?

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