The Giant Stone Head Of Guatemala: Evidence of an Ancient Advanced Civilization?

Many artifacts essential to understanding the life cycle on Earth and the possible link between the human and extraterrestrial species have been buried under a thick layer of rubble caused by the constant wars that have been waged. An example of this is the Giant Stone Head Of Guatemala discovered “somewhere in the jungle of Guatemala.”

Giant Stone Head Of Guatemala

The Giant Stone Head Of Guatemala had very fine characteristics: thin lips, a shaped nose and its eyes were closed, (if they had been open they would have looked at the sky. This ancient statue measures at least 9,14 meters, a unique discovery indeed, as it bears no resemblance to anything found in Central America thus far.

On August 16, 1986, Dr. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara, enthusiast of the UFO phenomenon, philosopher and lawyer at the time, received an intriguing photo of the monolith. Its exact location remained undisclosed, with only one known reference: the date engraved on the back of the photo. The image was taken in 1950 by the owner of the land where the colossal stone head was found. Unfortunately the owner was pronounced dead a long time ago, which is why Padilla has had to find another way to find the exact location of the site.

In 1987, the stone head story was first printed in the Ancient Astronaut Society Newsletter “Ancient Skies”, causing quite a stir. People wanted to know if the structure was just a head, or if it had a body buried underneath. Fortunately, the article was read by David Hatcher Childress, an adventurous archaeologist who visited various mysterious places around the world, detailing each of them in his “Mystery Travel books”. Childress tried to find the exact spot where the mysterious stone head was located, so he met with Padilla, asking him for additional information regarding the location of the anomalous sculpture.

Giant Stone Head Of Guatemala

At first Padilla spoke of a relative who analyzed the photo and was successful in finding a clue that leads to one of the many Biener family properties. With no other clue available at the time, he entered a dangerous and uncertain journey that took him deep into the Guatemalan jungle in hopes of finding the coveted stone head.

«In order to find him, I went about 180 kilometers from the city, towards Las Victorias, Los Encuentros and San Felipe Retalhuleu, on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. From there, I followed the main 5-kilometer path, then 3 more kilometers of a difficult dirt road, and finally 5 kilometers on foot, through the jungle.

When he finally reached the place known as “La Democracia”, the emotion became anguish as the statue lay there full of bullet holes, and with its fine features almost unrecognizable. “It was destroyed by the revolutionaries about ten years ago,” Padilla revealed. We had found the statue too late. It was used in target practice by rebels against the government. It is totally disfigured, something like the Sphinx in Egypt that had its nose destroyed, but much more ».

After Padilla recovered from the shocking moment, he took additional notes of what remained of the monument that could have rewritten our history. The eyes, nose, and mouth were completely gone. The statue was sculpted from soft sandstone, probably to achieve relief for its delicate features, but due to this soft material, its fate had been easily concealed for all eternity.

In time, David Hatcher Childress came to the site of La Democracia only to find the ruined stone head, as did Dr. Padilla. After this unfortunate episode, the story succumbed because there was no relevant evidence to confirm the existence of the photo’s stone head.

In order to understand the uniqueness of the statue, one must look towards the region in which it was reported to have found it: La Democracia, a site already known for the stone heads that look up into the sky. These other stone heads were built by the Olmec civilization, which flourished between 1400 and 400 BC.

Giant Stone Head Of Guatemala

However, the stone heads that sit near the city of La Democracia do not share common features with the “Padilla stone head”. The twelve Olmec statues depict pot-bellied human figures with flat faces looking up into the sky. They have a common Olmec look, a completely different style from Padilla’s finely sculpted stone head.
The ancient Olmec civilization prior to the Maya is believed to have been the first to build pyramids in Mesoamerica. Knowing that the Olmecs had the means to carve these statues, is it possible that they, too, were responsible for the anomalous stone head? If not, who were its builders?

A theory supported by Phillip Coppens, an author and radio host from Belgium, claims that another ancient civilization before or after the date of the Olmecs was responsible for the “Padilla head.” If so, it is possible that the only artifact they wanted to leave for posterity was the victim of the ongoing war, and the odds of a similar discovery are slim because the area is still in conflict.

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