The mysterious Chinese people who disappeared overnight

According to the story, all the Chinese people who disappeared during a night in 1987, not only the people, about 1.0000, but also their cats, dogs, and even cattle. Apparently, there were no signs of what had happened, and all the houses seemed to have been evicted quickly, with meals prepared on tables and abandoned belongings. But this was only the beginning, as reports began to appear that claimed that in the days before the disappearance there had been numerous UFO sightings in the area. On one occasion, some neighbors allegedly saw an eight-light formation in the sky just above the town for about half an hour and caused the clouds to turn black before emitting a bright purple flash and a loud explosion.

In the strange world of disappearances and people who have apparently ceased to exist, there is the phenomenon of peoples who simply “vanished” for no apparent reason. To think that a whole population can disappear without a trace is really scary, which in turn causes all kinds of speculation about what might have happened.(Chinese people who disappeared)

But whoever thinks that it is quite difficult for a town to disappear has to know that there have been well-documented cases throughout our history, such as Roanoke Colony on Roanoke Island, in Dare County, now North Carolina, United States; Anjikuni, the missing Eskimo people in Canada; or the Picnic in Hanging Rock in Australia, a group of students in a school boarding school that disappeared inexplicably. And a very curious story that appeared not long ago has to do with a town in a remote area of ​​China, which supposedly disappeared overnight.

An unsolved mystery

Located in a region of central China, in the province of Shaanxi, which extends 205,800 square kilometers and covers the majestic Wei Valley, Loes Plateau, the Mu Us Desert, and the Qín Mountains. In this place was a rural town like any other that was in the region, with nothing particularly out of the ordinary or exceptional, apart from its proximity to a rocket launch center. But in 2010, a great stir was formed in Chinese social networks when the story of how this small town disappeared completely from the face of the earth became known.(Chinese people who disappeared)

mysterious Chinese people disappeared - The mysterious Chinese people who disappeared overnight

They also said that the area was infested with snakes shortly before the town disappeared for unknown reasons, and the reason why the case was not known until 23 years later was that the Chinese government covered up the incident. According to the New Tang Dynasty Television media, the inhabitants were “transferred” in the middle of the night as part of an operation that was linked to a secret project, probably of a military nature (although, supposedly, there is a nuclear base buried somewhere deep in the mountains). A large number of troops were sent to the place, all the people were taken to another place during the night, including people and animals. The mysterious operation had a code name, Operation Night Cat.

Some witnesses even claimed to have seen people climbing in military trucks. In addition, in the days after the disappearance of the town, numerous military vehicles, tanks, and even missile launchers appeared in the area, which caused all kinds of speculation, from cover-ups of a disaster to UFOs. Of course, the Chinese government completely denied having participated in the mysterious disappearance of the people.

Given that these stories have their origin in social networks, along with Chinese Internet censorship, anyone can think that it is only an urban legend fueled by the total inability to corroborate the stories(

But we must also remember how disasters concealed by the Chinese government have occurred, such as the famous catastrophe of March 3, 1996, in Xichang. Details about the worst rocket launch accident in history are only known because it was witnessed by numerous foreign experts. As Air & Space / Smithsonian magazine reported in 2013, the town near the launch center disappeared, as if it never existed. At present, there is no monument to the victims, and its history has never been mentioned in the state-controlled Chinese press.

Chinese people disappeared - The mysterious Chinese people who disappeared overnight

But it must also be said that the case of the Shaanxi people is completely different, especially because of the strange lights in the sky, the appearance of several UFOs and dozens of snakes sliding down the mountains to protect themselves from a seemingly invisible danger. In the end, we only have more questions than answers: Did this town really disappear without a trace during the night, and if so, why? Was he evacuated by the military for unknown reasons? Did it relate to UFOs that were supposedly seen? Is it just a conspiracy, an urban Internet legend or is there something else? (Chinese people who disappeared)

According to some reports, the town is still uninhabited, without knowing what happened to the inhabitants, who were never seen again. We are sure that this story will continue to be a mystery that will last thanks to websites like ours.

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