USA has clear photos of UFOs pursued by military pilots, says renowned researcher


photos of UFOs
photos of UFOs

The government of the United States is keeping secret “clear” images of “real UFOs” pursued by military pilots, claims a renowned researcher and former member of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

Nick Pope , a former UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defense, has reacted to claims made by experts that recent UFO images published by the US government were probably just an airplane.

The news  outlet has revealed that on a Big Picture Science Skeptic Check radio podcast , produced at the Institute for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), a panel of experts observed the shocking radar video and the consensus was the objective. SETI said it shows the infrared heat from aircraft engines badly identified by US Navy pilots.(photos of UFOs)

The SETI Institute, based in the US, is a collective of scientists looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life in the cosmos.

However, Nick Pope argued that images should not be dismissed by SETI so easily.

Pope said:


I saw the skeptical comments of the SETI Institute about Pentagon UFO videos and I thought I was going to participate, because I think they have misunderstood or have not taken into account something quite important about it.

While I agree that the videos themselves do not prove anything, I think the criticism of them is based on a misunderstanding. What many people do not seem to appreciate is that these videos have not been leaked illegally, they have been declassified and legitimately placed in the public domain.

Obviously, therefore, there is nothing in them that the US government, army or intelligence community considers particularly sensitive. “(photos of UFOs)


Yes, it is a big problem that military aircraft chase these objects, but while they could not catch or identify them, the videos themselves do not prove that the pilots found extraterrestrial spacecraft.

The real problem is not related to the grainy images that have been released to the world, but with the classified analyzes that the intelligence personnel have made.

When I worked on the UFO project of the Ministry of Defense, we received a constant stream of photos and videos from the public, and from time to time, over the years, the RAF pilots encountered UFOs and sometimes managed to obtain images .

We would send this material to the Defense Intelligence Staff and a unit called the Joint Air Recognition Intelligence Center (now included within the Geospatial Defense Intelligence Fusion Center at RAF Wyton).

These image analysts are very bright people and have tremendously sophisticated tools at their disposal to improve and analyze photos and videos.

This is exactly what AATIP and other staff of the US intelligence community. have done with these UFO videos, using their own specialists in IMINT (image intelligence).

The detailed results of these analyzes, which may include improved and sharper images of what the pilots found, have not yet been made public, and may never come to light.

In short, skeptics may not be impressed by the blurred videos that have been made public, and I understand your point, but somewhere in the US intelligence community. There is considerably more impressive material.

However, it remains to be seen if some of this can be declassified and made public. ”


The video was world news in December, when a New York Times article revealed the existence of a top secret Department of the US Department of Defense. eue investigated the UFO phenomenon for five years between 2007 and 2012.(photos of UFOs)

The Advanced Aerial Threat Identification (AATIP) program had a budget of $ 22 million dollars to investigate any threat posed by unidentified objects observed by the army.

It was directed by Luis Elizondo , who resigned from the Department of Defense last October to help establish the To The Stars Academy with former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge to continue the UFO investigation in private.

(photos of UFOs)
(photos of UFOs)

Luis Elizondo previously led the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and says he thinks “maybe we are not alone”. Credit: CNN

The article also revealed the footage from the radar camera of a US Navy aircraft. It took off from the coast of San Diego in November 2004, which was said to show a UFO that “defied physics.”

This video was part of the so-called Nimitz UFO incident, in which several US Navy personnel reported seeing several UFOs in the form of a ticking over the sea, a case that was investigated by the AATIP.

Subsequently, Mr. Elizondo noted that the case, and others observed by the AATIP, showed that “there was very convincing evidence that we are not alone.”(photos of UFOs)

Other detractors have agreed that it could well be an airplane.

Believers, like Nick Pope, have refuted the SETI broadcast on the Reddit debate website com .

(photos of UFOs)
(photos of UFOs)

Nick Pope, worked in the UFO Project of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. Pope has refuted the statements of SETI, which say that the object of the video is just an airplane.

For example, an opinion against SETI says:

So our naval pilots are not trained or do not have enough experience to not be surprised and surprised by what are almost certainly distant tailpipes?

In addition, he said that ‘the apparent strange movement of the object was only the camera in motion and the plane in the search’.

“Likely story, guys! Our military pilots are simply ignorant in those cabins with zero training. We simply trust that they operate the most advanced and expensive plane known to man, but it seems that they are totally inexperienced according to this argument “(photos of UFOs)


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  1. Really not surprised Nick Pope is fighting a brick wall ,yes I worked at the JARICS folks do not discuss matters ,mostly because of the fear of the official secret act in UK ,the yanks have similar set ups .Folks that see these objects basically deny what the eye sees ,what the camera sees and what well trained pilots to techs see ,yes the mind plays tricks or it’s a local phenomena ,but never ET ,which it really is ,if we can’t understand it ,therefore it does not exist ,tell that to astronomers ,any one who sees these UFO items and steps out of the academic ways of understanding ,is liable to find they get pushed side ways in there field of science and shunned ! The milk way is teaming with life wether it be robotic ,biological Et’s .there are billions of stars out there supporting life in various forms of evolution ,some may breath carbon monoxide or other bio systems that we don’t understand at present .some of the races may look very different to us and maybe we’ll advanced by either thousands or million years ahead of us and treat us primitive ,but use us for there testing and experiments hence abductions of humans to animals .Animals come of worse than humans as cattle is favourite area for dissection or for eating if they eat flesh or other ,so guess it’s a free for all in some parts of the galaxy ,unless there is a federation controlling the comings and goings of traffic to our planet .Some authorities must know what is really going on ,but like everything on this planet there are higher authorities controlling what is released and what is not allowed .The public in my opinion are waking up the the fact we are not alone and are looking beyond the clouds and with sci-fi becoming acceptable these days it is the forerunner to the real thing ,but when will it happen in reality who knows ,yes I have seen these objects both in my childhood and as an adult and know I was observed ,but don’t discuss that with others unless they are enlightened ,remember Sir Issac Newton ,Remember Nostradamus ,all suffered from the flat earth brigade in there period of life ,so it took guts to step out of align ,which now comes full circle to what we have going on now ,the biggest distraction is COP26 at present ,till all have had there fuzzy out ,we will not progress ,if truth was allowed our sun ( yes star ) is going through a major cycle and we just happen to be living on the planet whilst it goes through its cycle .read up on the history from various tribes records through the ages and early astronomers then you may begin to understand .These ET ‘s have been with us a long time .My opinion only

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