The Pentagon Discovered Anunnaki Subway Bases in Iraq and Romania

One of the most important underground bases on the planet would house cutting-edge alien technology. More specifically, of the Anunnaki. The base of Mount Bucegi, Romania. In it, the side of Enki, among other great personalities of ancient Mesopotamia, would have taken refuge during the flood. One of the most mysterious and enigmatic places on the planet, which is now giving a lot to talk about.

Many controllers dedicated to the mapping and geolocation of underground Anunnaki military bases (among other things), have heard of this base that, apparently, is protected with electromagnetic technology that allows its “invisibility” for these search engines. In 2002, an orifice was discovered in an area of the Bucegi Mountains, a mysterious cavity that penetrated into the interior of this rocky complex.

The characteristics of this entrance to the mountain, have a tunnel with a shape so well made that it must have been created artificially. It has a perfectly constructed itinerary and that, and the images that the satellites collected when scanning the Bucegi mount, and that supposedly have two enormous walls of electromagnetic energy, conclude that it is an Anunnaki military base or something similar.

It is alleged that it was the Pentagon of the United States who discovered this base and who saw that the wall of energy in the form of a semicircle, and the frequency of vibration presented by said “door”, in addition to its characteristics, had already been discovered in Baghdad, Iraq, just before the start of the devastating “Iraq War”.

It is said that this was the real reason why the US troops invaded the country and that they would have taken control of that base without the people of Iraq ever having any knowledge of this underground base. The US military would have managed to penetrate the base using the most sophisticated weaponry available. The entrance to the base itself would have been about seventy meters from the electromagnetic safety wall.

Anunnaki Weapons unimaginable to the rest of humanity, as they would have used plasma beams and machinery capable of penetrating beyond the earth’s crust at incredible speed. Technology only imaginable for the common of mortals as science fiction. But, as always, reality surpasses fiction. The most surprising thing about this base would be what was inside it.

Two Pentagon generals and the counselor of the Presidency of the United States went to the facilities after unsuccessful attempts to unblock the electromagnetic barrier that impeded access to the premises. They managed to disconnect the power door that had killed several soldiers, thanks to the latest technology used by the Pentagon and which is top secret.

After that tunnel, they could access a large gallery that, despite having disconnected that wall of energy, could be seen with great clarity. The other barrier (still active) that was just in front of the first, began to emit a greater energy. They continued descending and saw that, inside other deeper galleries, there were two enormous stone carvings, one in front of another, of about two meters high.

In them, they had carved a luck of cuneiform writing like the one of the Cave of the Taylor those of the Titicaca lake, only that this one is of unknown origins, such as the one that was in the Monolith Pokotia, that they present protosumerias characteristics. But that was not all they found. If you want to know everything about what happened, watch the following video and leave us your comment below!

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