The ‘secret code of the Bible’ shows the word “Covid19”

In 1997 Michael Drosnin landed a worldwide best-seller with “The Secret Code of the Bible,” in which he predicted the murder of Isaac Rabin a year before it happened.

secret code of the Bible

The “secret code of the Bible” also known as the Torah code, consists of groups of words and phrases that are supposed to have a meaning and which some believe are intentionally placed “encrypted” or hidden in the text of the Bible.

The code was discovered in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament -Torah- and was published by the journalist Michael Drosnin, in his book “The Secret Code of the Bible”, which soon became a Best Seller.

According to those who thoroughly investigate these secret codes, the oldest version of the Bible would be the only copy in which the prophecies appear.

Since they can be found in any of the thousands of versions printed in different languages, it would imply believing that in their translations these codes have been taken into account in minute detail and therefore would reduce mysticism to the situation.

The method used to discover the code is well known and consists of eliminating the spaces between the words of the book, and thus converting the text into a single extract of 304,805 characters.

This sequence is entered into a computer that is in charge of exploring this long strip of letters in search of words and phrases that are entered into the program.

Start with the first letter and read the whole text in a row, then skipping one letter, then two, and so on until you finish. Then, redo the same process starting from the second letter, and then from the others until finished.

This is called ELS -Equidistant Letter Sequences- which means “equidistant letter sequences”, which is then rearranged to present it as a matrix or crossword puzzle.

secret code of the Bible

The code predicts events that happened long after the Bible was written. Names, dates, places and other outstanding characteristics of each of the events are indicated. Some of the predictions of the secret Torah Code are the following:

“Shakespeare” – “staged” – “Macbeth” – “Hamlet” or “Hitler” – “evil man” – “Nazi and enemy” – “massacre” or “Edison” – “electricity” – “light bulb” or ” Newton ”,“ gravity ”; among many other relevant historical events.

Indeed, these supposed predictions written several centuries ago powerfully attract attention. However, there seems to be a much simpler explanation than to confer such attribution on the scriptures.

According to legend, certain Kabbalists came to work miracles – such as the creation of an artificial man, the mythical Golem – thanks to their advanced understanding of the sacred word.

That, then, is the origin of the tradition according to which God inserted coded teachings through the transcripts of his messengers.

In response to an explicit challenge from Drosnin, who claimed that only the Bible could contain sequences, Australian mathematician Brendan McKay found many similar sequences in Moby Dick that contained phrases related to modern events.

Other scholars, such as the American physicist Dave Thomas, found more examples in other texts.

Furthermore, Drosnin had advantageously used the flexibility of the Hebrew language, freely mixing classical Hebrew -without vowels, where the letters Y and W are strictly consonants- with modern Hebrew -where Y and W usually indicate the vowels I and U- as well as variations in the use of K and T, finding the desired meaning.

Five years after the code was published in the magazine Statical Science, a group of mathematicians, including Brendan McKay, published in the same magazine reasoning from which it is always possible to obtain codes that seem premonitory, regardless of the book that is used to do it.

Now, with the pandemic we are experiencing, it has been discovered that the word “Covid19” also appears in these texts. Is it possible? What do you think?

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