The Secret Time Travel Program And Political Manipulation By The CIA

For decades it has been speculated that the United States government managed to dominate temporary time travel and, with it, manipulated the political or social sphere of the nation and the world.

The Secret Time Travel Program And Political Manipulation By The CIA

According to the informant, the United States dominated temporary time travel

An informant from the United States Department of Security said that by 1967, the nation had mastered time travel.

The government developed a fully functional technology that allowed them to make time travel based on Nikola Tesla’s quantum investigations.

This technology was used to cover military installations, manipulate American politics, and influence the entire world in the future they already know.

The domain of time: confessions of a former military man

Known by the pseudonym “Michael”, a former soldier recruited in 1976 who claimed that, for the next 20 years, he was working in the construction of American colonies on Mars.

This project took place as the CIA recovered documents about Tesla’s investigations . He also reported that these bases were used as a strategic point to protect all the information and, for this, they created them in the future .

Michael claimed to work on them for 20 years; during that time his chronological age was reversed thanks to this technology. Plus he went back in time before being sent back to Earth.

He assured that this procedure is common in the military, in addition to blocking their memories or, directly, erasing them once they finish the mission to Mars.

The Pegasus Project and confirmation of Time travel

Andrew Basiago, renowned popularizer of the secret projects of the CIA. He was a former participant in the ” Pegasus Project,” which also focused on time travel.

The Secret Time Travel Program And Political Manipulation By The CIA
Basiago claims to have participated in the Pegasus Project.

Basiago claimed that the CIA trained American children to become the first “explorers of time and space.”

They chose children for different reasons; first because they have much clearer ideas when witnessing unique events due to their lack of experience.

The US government wanted to know if time travel could cause physical or mental side effects in children since, in previous tests with adults, they aged rapidly or became mentally unstable.

However, the little ones did not show any effects after the trips.

Political manipulation

Thanks to all these tests of quantum manipulation for time travel, they discovered another utility for their benefit: political manipulation.

Basiago assured that the most important positions of the government were known by time travelers long before elections.

He said that in the early 1970s, he was present in Albuquerque, New Mexico when George HW Bush and George W. Bush Jr. were notified that they would be future presidents of the nation.

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were also reported in the same way in 1982, and Barack Obama was notified when he was just a college student.

The last case would be confirmed thanks to testimonies from Obama University colleagues, who declared in several biographical documentaries about the former president that he was totally sure that he would be president of the United States.

This leaves several questions. Does the United States government know what will happen in your nation and in the world long before it happens? Have they been able to stop disastrous events or not? Why?

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