Secrets Of The Third Reich: Mysterious Story Of Maria Orsic Who Allegedly Escaped From Earth In A Spaceship

The history of the Nazi era during World War II is full of oddities. 
Over the past decades, these oddities have developed into full-fledged mythology, in which real stories were closely intertwined with legends or rumors.
Some of these stories seem especially bizarre and surreal to be real. 
This is everything to do with the occult, UFOs, and other supernatural things. 
One of these stories tells of a psychic woman to whom the aliens passed on plans to build an interplanetary ship. 
The story begins in 1919, when a young woman named Maria Orsic traveled with her fiancé to Munich, Germany, to start a new life there. 
She was born in Zagreb (Croatia) and allegedly from childhood was endowed with the talent of a medium.

Maria Orsic

While living in Germany, she was already a fairly experienced psychic medium and quickly became famous as a specialist who could contact the spirits of the dead. 
In her sessions, she went into a trance state, her eyes rolled inward, and various spirits took possession of her body, which answered questions from the clients.

At one point, the fame spread so widely that it attracted the attention of members of an organization called the Thule Society. 

The Thule Society, named after a mythical country from Greek legend, was an occult group and secret society founded shortly after World War I by Walter Nauhausm. 
They were known for their crazy ideas about race theory, studying the origins of the Aryan race, and trying to prove that the Aryan race is superior to all other races. 

An offshoot of this group was the esoteric Vril Society, which Maria Orsic later also entered, where she was known as a powerful psychic. 
It was then that everything became most bizarre.

In 1924, Maria Orsic conducted a standard spiritualism session during which she tried to connect with the spirit of the late German anti-Semitic poet and politician Dietrich Eckart. 
She successfully established contact with him and he possessed her body, after which he suddenly began to tell the following story.

He told that the ancient Sumerians were in fact an alien race from the planet of the Aldebaran system and that they were the ancestors of the Aryan race. 
Supposedly 500 million years ago, they arrived on Earth. 
Further, the spirit began to transmit a message from these aliens and did it in the ancient Sumerian language, which Maria Orsic herself, as she later stated, did not understand at all.

All this seemed extremely convincing to those gathered at the session, and even some very skeptical participants in the meeting believed this, including the most senior among them – Hitler’s deputy for Nazi affairs, Rudolf Hess.

Despite the fact that Orsic insisted that she did not understand the Sumerian language, she stated that she knew what was conveyed in this message. 
And it was nothing more, nothing less, but plans for the construction of an interplanetary spacecraft. 
This ship was capable of “interdimensional jumps“.

Maria Orsic

Further in the legends, it was indicated that these plans were safely translated into blueprints, after which construction began on what was code-named “Munich Device”. 
In 1943, construction was completed and a large meeting of the Thule Society and the Vril Society took place to discuss this ship.

The logistics of launching the ship into the Aldebaran system were considered and it was decided who would go on this trip. 
Since the final decision was very difficult, in 1944 another large meeting was held. 

After that, everything becomes extremely confusing, as it turned out on the agenda that a paramilitary group of Schutzstaffel (SS formations) infiltrated the Vril Society and planned to take this ship for themselves in order to use it for military purposes.

The frightened Orsic ordered to hide the ship in a safe place (according to other sources, to completely destroy it), and the Vril Society itself to dissolve.
After that, traces of Orsic and other Vril members simply disappear into history, leaving many reasons for gossip.

According to the most famous theory, Orsic and her associates secretly boarded their ship and eventually flew into space in the very Aldebaran system. 
However, the SS members managed to obtain the plans for the ship and decided to use them in their own research.

It was then that a secret military weapon called Die Glocke (Bell) was created by the Third Reich. 
It was an aircraft with the characteristics of modern UFOs
It is believed to have been built in 1944 in a huge underground laboratory inside the Wenceslas Mine.

The documents described that it looked like a huge bell that was 3 meters wide and 4.5 meters high. 
Inside it, there were two huge lead cylinders filled with a classified substance called Xerum 525.
In the dark, this object illuminated the entire shaft with a pale purple glow.

However, the Nazis did not succeed in launching this object into battle, because Germany began to lose the war on all fronts. 
In April 1945, in a last desperate attempt, an order was allegedly received to send Die Glocke to attack the Allied forces, but this attempt also failed. 

Later rumors spread that when the American army searched the secret dungeons of the Third Reich in the Czech Republic and Austria, they found more than a thousand of the same “bells” and captured. 
Their further fate remains unknown. 

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