The spooky case of the man who was chased by a UFO

On March 20, 1974, it could have been a day like any other for Adrián Sánchez; but it was not ..he was about to be known as the man who was chased by a UFO

man who was chased by a UFO

On that date, the then commercial Sevillian -ex parachutist and merchant marine-, became the protagonist of what is one of the cases of the golden age of Spanish ufology. An episode with which the modern UFO began in Spain.

A case that, despite having fallen into oblivion, was the prologue of one of the most spectacular unidentified waves – after the flaps of 1950 and 1968/69 – that have been experienced so far in our country. An encounter with which the Spanish society, pending the end of the dictatorship, began to be aware of a new mystery: that of the flying saucers.(man who was chased by a UFO)

“It was a coincidence. He worked for Andalusia and Extremadura as a merchant. He left on Monday and returned home Friday night. That week I did not want to go on a trip to be on the 21st in Seville. That day I celebrate years and also celebrated the anniversary of when we met my wife and me. And since here in Seville there are some villages -which although they were small, they were miners and they earned well-, I decided to visit them to see if I could sell them “.

“I started in Gerena, but I did not see a favorable environment for my product, so I continued to Aznalcóllar. I also did not see a good atmosphere and I continued. There they told me that there was a road that took me to Castillo de las Guardas and I continued my way through it. When I reached the height of kilometer 5, I saw a very big thing that happened to me. “

“I will never forget. I was listening to Radio Nacional de España, it was eleven o’clock in the morning and they were giving the news of a railway accident in the north … Just at that moment it was when it happened. I saw something very big that happened to me ahead, descending. I could see that it had a very large volume, but I was unable to know what it was to the point that I thought it was a crashed plane. “(man who was chased by a UFO)

Despite not hearing any explosion, restless and afraid of what he had just observed, he chose to get out of the car, walked a few meters and reached a foreshortening with the only desire to know what had happened, as he remembered nervously before the recorder:

“I climbed a small hill that was next to the road and I saw something there. It was like a factory. It looked like a hangar. I was not scared but I started to look slowly and that was not leaning on the floor, it was floating. It was like a nuclear submarine. Metallic in color, like aluminum, and with very large dimensions. “

man who was chased by a UFO

“I was there looking at him when a kind of door of the artifact opened. Nothing was heard. I started to scare. That had no hinges, no legs, it was floating and suddenly on the right side of the trough came three more pots in the shape of inverted plates. Two got into that device and the third came to me. “

They were moments of bewilderment in which, moved by panic, he ran out, got into his “two horses” and accelerated to the bottom while one of the objects-shaped like a yo-yo, a kind of points on the top and low and about seven meters wide by four high-, stealthily pounced on him.(man who was chased by a UFO)

“I ran like crazy with the car. That device was following me, it was on the right, on the left, in front, behind … I had such panic that all I wanted was to run away and put dirt in between with that thing. I felt helpless. I had no defense. I had no chance to escape from that. The only thing I remember from that moment is fear and impotence. “

The persecution lasted for fifteen kilometers in which he felt like a “rabbit pursued by a greyhound”. A harassment that ended when he arrived at the barracks of the Civil Guard of Castillo de las Guardas.

“I do not know what time I arrived at the barracks”, – clarified Adrián Sánchez. “I suffered such a nervous breakdown that the agent who received me realized that something extraordinary had happened to me. They treated me exceptionally. They behaved with me wonderfully. I will always appreciate it. He took my statement. “

“Then we went to the site and we were watching, but I was not there to observe anything and we went back to the barracks. Once there, he returned to take a statement and called the zone officer. It seemed that they knew something. As if there had already been other cases. When the officer arrived, I offered my statement again. “

Only forty-eight hours later, the experience filtered through the media. First, the ABC newspaper published its news for Andalusia under the headline “A Sevillian traveler, pursued by a UFO,” and then many others, such as El Correo de Andalucía. After the information in the press, the world of UFOs appeared for the first time on the small screen.

man who was chased by a UFO

The event was broadcast on the 22nd in the Newscast 3 for, the next day, to be interviewed in the same space, and on the 25th in the program Everything is possible on Sunday, where Adrián Sánchez explained to the illustrious journalist Tico Medina all the details of their meeting as well as denouncing, after days of real gubernatorial and military persecution, the pressures that I was suffering. A situation that did not bring you any benefit.

“Benefit me, you say?” Adrián Sánchez asked himself. “I do not know how … On the contrary. Had I known what happened next, had I known that the people, my own friends, were going to make fun of me, had I known that you, the journalists, were going to bother me incessantly, invent and distort my words, I would have Stuck in bed without saying anything to anyone. I’ve repeated it a thousand times and now I’m telling you: whoever wants to believe me believe me. “

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And it is that what was never counted, nor imagined the society, is that Adrián Sánchez was the protagonist of an official investigation carried out in the Second Air Region of the Air Force. In the General Captaincy of Seville, the File 740320 had been opened by the General Staff -desclassified in September 1993 by the Air Operational Command as reserved matter-, which even caused that, days after the media boom, it was again interrogated by the services Spanish and American secrets.

“In my house, several soldiers with their trinchas were presented – an aviation officer with two soldiers – to find out what had happened. To know more details. They came several times and then two people came home, with a foreign accent, I think I remember English, wondering about everything that had happened “.

“They told me they were very interested in knowing what had happened. They wanted to know what the object was like. If I saw people next to the object, if I saw any type of weapon, if the object had some kind of symbol or acronym … “.

“What I do tell you is that what I saw and persecuted me was not from here,” Adrián Sánchez said. That had a technology that even today, in the 21st century, we do not have. That had a technology that was not of this world. “(man who was chased by a UFO)

So far the story of the events in the first person but now our partner Alba, Mysteries of the World, analyzes the event from the perspective of the years passed .. What do you think about it? Leave your comment below.

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