UFOs in the Bible? Enoch, Elijah, and Other Figures Taken by Yahweh In Chariots of Fire

Enoch, Elijah, Baruch, Philip, and Ezra are some of the many biblical characters who were taken to the heavens by mysterious whirlwinds and chariots of fire. Some never returned. Where did those marvelous flying devices come from?

UFOs in the Bible? Enoch, Elijah, and Other Figures Taken by Yahweh In Chariots of Fire

Elijah never returned… That “whirlwind” took him away forever before the eyes of 50 prophets and Elisha himself, the same one who later, equipped with Elijah’s torn garments and mantle fallen from heaven, hit the waters of the Jordan, which were opened in two. For the exegetes of the Catholic Church, Elijah suffered an “ecstatic transport”; That is, the prophet entered a mystical trance and “imagined” the rapture. The truth, however, is that Elías “was no longer seen.”

And everything indicates that this episode really occurred – apparently on Mount Carmel, approximately 2,850 years ago – although biblical commentators deny it: “The mysterious disappearance,” they say, “must be explained according to the literary genre of this cycle of stories.” about the great prophet. The Church, therefore, considers the episode, as well as many other similar ones, “science fiction.” But the reality may be very different.

The Alien Abductions in Bible By Yahweh

Another “raptured” and enigmatic character if there ever was one is Enoch, whose name, in Hebrew, means ‘initiated’. According to Genesis, Enoch “did not die, but was caught up and taken to heaven in a chariot of fire.” Little else is said about him in the Bible, but we have a surprising Apocrypha, The Book of Enoch, which recounts the travels of the mysterious character aboard those “chariots of fire.”

In that text, it is narrated, for example, how he came into “contact” with mysterious celestial beings: “(…) two men of great stature appeared to me; Their faces shone like the sun and their eyes were like torches. And they said to him, “Today you will be with us in heaven.”

UFOs in the Bible? Enoch, Elijah, and Other Figures Taken by Yahweh In Chariots of Fire
God takes Enoch, as in Genesis 5:24: “And Enoch walked with Yahweh, and was gone because Yahweh took him away.” 
Illustration from Figures from the Bible (1728); 
illustrated by Gerard Hoet (1648-1733) and others.

The story of his heavenly travels is surprising: «They then led me to the heavens. I entered until I stopped in front of a wall, which seemed to be made of glass ashlars, and was surrounded by tongues of fire (…) I saw myself before a large palace of carved crystal, with a floor tiled with glass plates, and the floor was also made of glass. He still adds other strange clues about his journeys: “After those days spent in a place where I was allowed to see what is hidden, after having been carried away by a whirlpool and driven towards the West (…) ».

After the last of those “journeys”, Enoch did not return. Like Elijah, he was “caught up” forever. Only they weren’t the only ones…

In another apocryphal called The Ascension of Isaiah, it is told how this prophet also ascended to heaven in a suspicious “trance”, accompanied by several angels who invited him to dress in their clothes and how on board that “ship” he visited the seven heavens. And also in the Second Book of Baruch, something similar is told: “A force,” it can be read, “lifted me up and placed me on the wall of Jerusalem.”

UFOs And Alien Abductions In the Bible?

Another “rapture” is narrated in The Acts of the Apostles : that of Philip, one of the Fathers of the Church. From verse 26 of chapter VIII, we can read: «The angel of the Lord spoke to Philip saying: “Get up and walk along the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” He got up and left. And behold, an Ethiopian eunuch was returning, sitting in his chariot, reading the prophet Isaiah… ». Later, both stopped to drink water, a moment that Philip took advantage of to baptize the eunuch, but “coming out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away and the eunuch saw him no more. Philip found himself in Azotus and evangelized all the cities until he reached Caesarea.

What was that “spirit of the Lord” that snatched the apostle and transported him 40 kilometers? Another literary fantasy? A new metaphor? Aren’t these descriptions too similar to those currently reported by UFO abduction witnesses? The truth is that those “whirlwinds”, “chariots of fire” or “flying wheels” appear many times throughout the Bible and other apocryphal texts. They perform strange maneuvers, they are “inhabited” by angels of great stature, luminous, with strange faces… For some, there are too many coincidences. Prestigious researchers on the subject are clear: they were extraterrestrial ships.

UFOs in the Bible? Enoch, Elijah, and Other Figures Taken by Yahweh In Chariots of Fire
And Elisha prayed, and said, ‘I beseech thee, O Yahweh, open his eyes that he may see.’ 
Then Yahweh opened the eyes of the servant, and he looked; 
And behold, the mountain was full of horsemen and chariots of fire around Elisha. 
2 Kings 6-17.

But there is even more: these mysterious objects—and their enigmatic “capturing” function—were already known to Jesus. Thus, in the apocryphal History of Joseph, the Carpenter (chapter XVIII), we can read, in the mouth of Jesus, the following expression: «And what prevents me now from praying that my Father send a great luminous chariot to lift up Joseph and that I transfer him to the place of rest, so that he may live there with my incorporeal angels?

In any case, it is not even necessary to delve into the apocrypha, because in the Gospel of Saint Matthew (chapter 17:1-13), where the strange episode of the Transfiguration is narrated, it is said that Jesus “his face shone like the Sun and his clothes became white as the light. And there two beings appeared and, moments later, a “shining cloud” covered them. When he opened his eyes, everything returned to absolute normality. The most curious thing is that those two luminous beings were identified as Elijah – taken away forever – and Moses, whose body, after having maintained open contact with mysterious beings that traveled in strange “clouds”, was never found.

Ezequiel gives the key: they were UFOs

Ezekiel had the first of his “visions” back in the year 600 BC. Four of them are recounted in the book that bears his name. He is another “snatched away”, although with a return ticket.

Of that first encounter, Ezequiel offers exceptional details: “I saw a hurricane wind coming, a dense cloud around which shone a whirlwind of fire, which in the middle shone like burning bronze.” Later he speaks of “living creatures”, of “prominent crystals behind which the firmament is observed”, of “wheels that turn” resting on the ground…

In short, for many scholars, those beings with faces like a “bull”, “eagle” or “lion” were nothing more than astronauts with diving suits , oxygen intakes, or antennas. Then, the imagination of those people did the rest.

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