As in The War of the Worlds: A mysterious black object falls from the sky during a thunderstorm

Science fiction is nourished by the idea that someday aliens will conquer Earth. Whether they will really do it or not, is still to be seen. And if they were to invade us, what logical reason would they have? Why would the beings of a distant and technologically advanced civilization conquer our planet?(black object falls from the sky during a thunderstorm)

A common possibility in every invasion is that one species enslaves another. It is possible that the extraterrestrials have been watching us since time immemorial and think that we could be the perfect species to be oppressed. Since most of us are disturbed to think about the possibility of an alien invasion , they probably believe that we are a very dominable race. And the truth is that there are people who would be good as pets …

Another possibility, and much more terrifying than the previous one, is that humans could become a source of food for an alien species. With our population growing, it is very likely that the Earth would become a huge hunting ground. The reality is that there are innumerable theories to explain a future extraterrestrial invasion. But is it possible that this is already happening, in silence? Well for the inhabitants of the English county of Somerset, that is the way it is. Above all, after watching a video that shows a mysterious black unidentified object falling from the sky during a thunderstorm, in the style of The War of the Worlds.

Extraterrestrial invasion in Somerset County

Last weekend Megan Taylor was videotaping a spectacular thunderstorm over the English town of Bridgwater in Somerset County. In the video you can see the lightning in the sky right in front of a huge rainbow. But apparently, Taylor recorded something else that left her speechless: a mysterious black object falling from the sky just after a lightning bolt.

“I’ve never seen a storm like this, ” Taylor told the British newspaper MailOnline. “I’ve definitely never seen anything that falls like this on Earth. I have no idea what it was about. “

As you can see the impressive images, just at the moment when a lightning occurs, a mysterious object begins to fall from the sky, spinning until disappearing on the ground. Unfortunately, we do not have any more recording to know what happened later with the object. Although this has not prevented hundreds of Internet users to ensure that the video is restlessly similar to the movie The War of the Worlds directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the homonymous novel by HG Wells.(black object falls from the sky during a thunderstorm)

In the film, the aliens arrive on Earth in dark pods during thunderstorms, before activating giant machines hidden beneath the earth. However, some have claimed that reality trumps fiction, and this is proof of this. Conspiracy theorists and ufologists believe that the mysterious object that falls from the sky could be some kind of vehicle used by extraterrestrial civilizations . They add, that the electrical storms would be created artificially by beings of other worlds to be able to move more quickly between planets.(black object falls from the sky during a thunderstorm)

But the most skeptical users do not think the same. While it is not known exactly what the strange object is, some have suggested several explanations, ranging from a spot on the lens of the camera or a bird. Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual, said that it was a mundane object rather than the beginning of an extraterrestrial invasion.(black object falls from the sky during a thunderstorm)

“The video makes it look like something solid falling from the sky, like one of the Martian cylinders of War of the Worlds ,” Watson told MailOnline. “However, somehow in its descent it seems artificial. Such an apparently large object would have had a great impact on the landing, but they have not reported anything of this nature. I would say it’s something mundane instead of the beginning of a Martian invasion. “

mysterious black object electric storm - As in War of the Worlds: A mysterious black object falls from the sky during a thunderstorm

Others suggest that it may be leaks in aircraft debris warehouses that companies call “Blue Ice” or “Blue Ice” in English. This refers to frozen sewage material that can leak mid-flight from commercial aircraft sink waste systems that have caused holes in buildings and houses.

As we can see there are all kinds of explanations for the strange phenomenon that has occurred in Bridgwater. But what is clear is that it has not left anyone indifferent.(black object falls from the sky during a thunderstorm)

What is your opinion about the mysterious unidentified black object? A bird, frozen sewage material from an airplane, or is it an extraterrestrial sheath similar to the one from War of the Worlds?

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