Nazi Immortality Experiment

The Terrifying Nazi Immortality Experiment: An Attempt To Achieve Immortality

The Nazis have been known for their most obnoxious experimentation on people, unwillingly. This included all kinds of experiments on humans of all genders and ages. It also includes various forms of biological and chemical weapons tests, tests of poisons, extreme human body endurance of freezing and boiling water, twin experiments, the effect of weapons on the body, and all types of countless medical experiments. Most of these projects had questionable goals and lacked respect for human life. They left people injured, deformed, disabled, and even dead. But there was one Nazi Immortality Experiment, that carried an opposite aim, and that was for people to attain immortality.

Nazi Immortality Experiment

When the Creator had created humans, he made us the most powerful and intelligent beings on this planet. He gave us the power of reasoning which was given to no other organism. However, he made the humans mortal. But the Nazis were far and beyond the normal landscape of human life. Hitler and mostly, the soldiers were considered God-like and considered themselves immune to pain and suffering. This led the Nazis to come up with experiments to make the human body better and create super soldiers, even before the purported Nazi Immortality Experiment.

The Nazi Super Soldiers Experiment capsule D-IX

Nazi Immortality Experiment

One program developed with the intent of creating super soldiers with enhanced physical capabilities, without fear or limits for use in the battlefields, was the experiment capsule D-IX. It consisted of a wild cocktail of cocaine, a potent stimulant known as Pervitine, and a powerful painkiller, Eucodal. It was believed that D-IX would extremely increase focus, heroism, and self-confidence and boost stamina, strength, negate pain, hunger, and sleep requirements.

The first test was made on prisoners of Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where Nazis did not consider them humans. Results were so promising that it was soon administered to military volunteers.

Soldiers were given the capsules and then forced to take long treks over harsh terrain with fully loaded packs. Indeed D-IX showed a dramatic increase in stamina and attention span in the test subjects, allowing them to march nonstop for up to 80 miles before collapsing, although it led them to become hopelessly addicted to the drug.

Nevertheless, given the effectiveness of D-IX was considered a resounding success. It was used officially, in the field to a limited degree from March 16th, 1944. It was produced only for the Allied victory, preventing it to be produced in mass and squashing the ultimate plan to provide it to the entire Nazi Military force.

Bigger Goals: The Nazi Immortality Expreiment

Yet, for some within the regime, the super army was not enough. They had bigger goals, where soldiers would not die at all. And this is exactly where things got weird. They had not only altered human behavior of pain and tiredness but were now to alter mortal humans.  

In 1999, some crates of old Nazi documents were allegedly uncovered in Hamburg that contained some rather strange experiments that are sort of a hybrid between science and the occult. There was never an intermix between the occult and science.

The whole concept rests upon the idea that our bodies only die because our brains tell it to. The brain has ultimate control over all biological processes, including death, and that it puts us on a sort of timer that counts down to our demise.

The idea here was that if we could somehow remove that timer, the body would continue to function indefinitely! Even aging could be stopped. For this alleged project, the mind was kind of like a disease, with what was called a “Universal Kill Switch”.

It tells the body to start breaking down at a certain age and to eventually die. So the ultimate goal was to turn this kill switch off. If that was done, then the theory was that aging and degradation of biological processes would stop, and effectively render one into Immortality.

The Beginning Of The Nazi Immortality Experiment

Here’s the beginning. It dates back to 1942 when German Scientists were actually researching immortality. For this, they chose a location outside of Germany, which ended up being their ally Japan. Another region of wild experimentation. There the research team apparently commandeered an orphanage outside of Hiroshima for their experiments. This was not particularly new for the Nazis, because what better targets than children, right?

However, in this case, children were considered perfect subjects, because it was thought that their kill switch had not been activated yet and the mechanism for this could better be studied. The study apparently started by dissecting the brains of both adults and children in order to compare them and try to find the elusive Universal Kill Switch they sought, eventually claiming they had found it in the cerebellum, the part that controls all sub-conscious activity in the brain. then the real experimentation began!

Further, the German scientists began a series of surgeries on children trying to remove the portion that they believed contained the kill switch, but at first, this resulted in the death of several subjects.

Experimental Success Of The Nazi Immortality Experiment

Cruelly, the bodies were unceremoniously dumped out in shallow graves in the woods. They were orphans, no one to look for them and they would remain unnoticed nobodies, their disappearances went unnoticed.

The Scientists continued to tinker with their methods, and on one occasion they allegedly successfully removed the kill switch from a young girl. She entered a state of coma but however revived miraculously. The only side effect was that she lost her ability to sweat! She also would go into a death-like coma every evening, her bodily functions ceasing and the heart-stopping, only to snap back to life in the morning. It was unsettling but manageable. After all, the procedure has been deemed a success.

The researchers continued, finding more success with consequent subjects. However, most experiments failed, permanently impairing subjects or even resulting in their deaths.  In the meantime, the Nazis played around with the idea that a chemical compound could be used to deactivate the kill switch in adults.

This was supposedly successfully carried out on some of the caretakers at the orphanage. As all of this was going on, the story goes that the children who had successfully undergone the procedure began displaying very bizarre behavior. According to a journal entry of one of the scientists supposedly says of this:

They appear normal at first, just like any of the other children, playing cheering, learning normally, but when separated from the others, they seem… off. They stroll carelessly around, with a blank smile on their face, their eyes looking straight at you. If approached from behind, their heads snap around with ungodly speed and for a moment, you can almost see an expression so vile on their face that it makes you want to cower. But then you realize they are just forming their dreamy smile again. Another thing is that they follow us, but only when we are on our own. After finishing on my typewriter and heading to my room, I am often given a fright by one of the children standing several meters down the dark hallway, staring at me. When I go off to my room, she follows me, and I shut my door, jam a chair behind it, and then I sleep safely. It feels like they’re ghosts at night time.   Upon talking to them, I’ve noticed they seem more dreamy, forgetful and somewhat blank, as if the experiments wiped their memories as well. But it’s not an innocent type of dreamy, rather something more sinister. They stare at you with wide eyes, and ask you questions you never thought they would know. One asked, “When your grandmother died, did she really leave you a gold-plated watch?” It may seem crazy, but my honest answer was… “Yes.

The End Of The Nazi Immortality Experiment

Finally, when Germany lost the war, these experiments were halted and the orphanage abandoned. The mystery remains, the children who were left in their own care, were made immortal. They were never aging and undying, haunting the weed-grown old orphanage. They live there even today. The story has turned into an urban legend or an immortality folktale today:

They say, if anyone goes to that old orphanage today, they will be asked to play a Japanese children’s game called, “Kagome, Kagome”. In the game, one blindfolded player, the oni, or “devil.” is surrounded by the other players in a circle with their hands joined. The circle of players then moves around the oni creepily chanting “Kagome Kagome”. When they stop the Oni has to name the player who is standing behind them. Apparently, if you are wrong the immortal children kill you and bury you in the woods. There have supposedly been people who have gone out to look at the orphanage only to never return.

The most important question is, what truth does this old abandoned orphanage hold. It seems like the Germans indeed had a bag of horrendous secrets. They pursued whatever came into their human minds. Is all that we are looking for is here, is a creepy old urban legend, or is there something more to it?

Perhaps one might only be able to answer the questions, with further ventures into this immortalized orphanage. If you were given a chance, to explore, would you be eager to reach out to the pieces of evidence of this immortality experiment?

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