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Shocking Revelation By Alfred Webre: CIA Is Aware That Mars Is Inhabited By Human-Like Civilization

Alfred Webre is the world’s first visionary to coin the term “exopolitics,” concentrating on the existence of societies with interplanetary connections. Interestingly, humanity may already have established diplomacies outside of Earth, given the possibility that humans and extraterrestrial hybrids coexist on Mars.

Webre examined the position of an isolated planet that is ready to join the cosmic community – the “Universe civilization” – in his book “Exopolitics: Politics, Government, And Law In The Universe.” He asserted the existence of an interplanetary society.

Alfred Webre is a lawyer with a master’s degree in applied psychology. He shares the fruits of his several professional endeavors with his readers, including his work as a futurist at Stanford Research Institute. EXOPOLITICS is the culmination of Webre’s seminal work as a futurist at the Stanford Research Institute, where he directed a proposed extraterrestrial communication study project for the White House staff during President Jimmy Carter’s Administration in 1977 and testified at the Disclosure Project in 2001.

Exopolitics has the potential to flip the conventional picture of our Universe on its head. It demonstrates that we inhabit an isolated planet within a densely populated, developing, and highly organized interplanetary, intergalactic, and multi-dimensional Universe society. It delves into why Earth appears to have been isolated from a more evolved Universe society for ages.

Webre highlighted the holographic Universe principle. Spiritual and material dimensions are inextricably linked. Thus, spiritual and ethical progress, as well as scientific and technological advancement, indicate the readiness of a planetary society for universal “reunion” in politics, government, and law.

Alfred Webre, a former general counsel for the New York Environmental Protection Agency and advisor to the Ford Foundation, a former professor of economics at Yale and the University of Texas, and a 1996 delegate to the Texas Democratic convention, is widely regarded as a leading authority on Exopolitics.

He is currently the International Director of the Institute for Space Cooperation (ICIS). It advocates for disarmament in space and the transition of the perpetual war economy into a peaceful and cooperative society based on space exploration and the study of life in the Universe from that rostrum.

Webre addressed a number of issues in his book, including the following: Is the Garden of Eden tale a cosmic representation of human origins? Is Earth isolated as a result of ET societies’ quarantine? Do the violent history of humans and their current intention for military weaponry in space play a role in any isolation imposed by ET societies?

Was there a rebellion against the administrators of wider cosmic society by Earth’s “gods” or governors? Is the UFO phenomenon indicative of an ET program’s strategy? Is the Disclosure Project the vehicle via which humanity will formally acknowledge the ET presence? Alfred Webre provided vital details in a 2009 interview with the venerable Spanish journal La Vanguardia.

La Vanguardia: Give me the evidence.

Webre: Declarations of The United States government employees who have testified their participation in secret programs of relations with certain extraterrestrial civilizations.

La Vanguardia: This means that we have already made contact with the extraterrestrials?

Webre: Yes, according to those witnesses, the United States government has been working with them secretly since the 1950s. Andrew Basiago, son of a CIA official, was enrolled at the age of seven in a secret program for super-gifted children who were trained to be ambassadors before the extraterrestrial race.

La Vanguardia: Any contact?

Webre: There has been a meeting with 3 astronauts from the planet Mars. In January 2009, CIA employee Virginia Olds confirmed that the CIA knows there is a humanoid civilization living under the surface of Mars.

We think that in the year 9500 B.C. fragments of the Vela supernova entered the solar system and destroyed the ecology on Mars. The Martians, 1.500 years more ethically and technologically advanced than us humans, sheltered underground.

La Vanguardia: There are three astronauts who assert to have seen extraterrestrial life.

Webre: Yes, Buzz Aldrin who traveled aboard the Apollo 11 said that when they arrived on the Moon in 1969, there were two large extraterrestrial ships around the great crater, his version was verified by high NASA officials.

La Vanguardia: I am amazed.

Webre: Doctor Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, has gathered more than 500 testimonies from military, government and intelligence of high rank that are witness to the extraterrestrial presence and they were made public in May 2009, in the National Press Club of Washington.

La Vanguardia: Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Peru have released their UFO records.

Webre: Recently, so did France, Sweden and Denmark, and the United Kingdom brought to light 7.200 UFO files compiled by D155, a secret unit of the Ministry of Defense.

La Vanguardia: Why not divulge life on Mars?

Webre: Because of political reasons. We are going to insert a question invoking the freedom of information laws so that NASA admits the intelligent life on Mars.

La Vanguardia: And the Martians, why don’t they appear in society?

Webre: Our planet is one of a low order and we assume it is under a quarantine that is imposed by the government of the universe.

La Vanguardia: And this quarantine ends now…

Webre: We think that the ethical extraterrestrial civilizations have used the UFO phenomenon to acclimatize us to their existence and that between 2010 and 2020 we can start having open relationships with these civilizations.

La Vanguardia: So the first contact will occur with the Martians?

Webre: Yes, because there are many mutual benefits, they can give us technologies and knowledge, and we have a precious green planet they can migrate to.

La Vanguardia: How does the universe function?

Webre: There are many dimensions and universes that are parallel to our own. Some extraterrestrial civilizations come from other dimensions, from other parallel universes, that is why the UFOs can appear and disappear.

La Vanguardia: How are these more evolved civilizations like?

Webre: Looks like we are living in an organized universe and the more ethical civilizations have achieved domination of the time dimension and it is them who will probably develop our reality.

La Vanguardia: You make it sound terrible.

Webre: According to some theories we are evolving on a very accelerated pace, in order to abandon the economy of permanent war and to turn it into a sustainable economy. The human consciousness is developing to enter the universal age and to openly connect with these other civilizations.

La Vanguardia: They could lend us a hand.

Webre: There is a primary guideline: do not interfere in the evolution of civilization from other planets. But in very little time, man will learn how to use quantum teleportation and to extract energy from space. We are in a transitional era where we must decide if we choose destruction or evolution.

La Vanguardia: Does your work consist of studying the great government of the universe?

Webre: Exopolitics is a social science that studies the relationships between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations in the universe. One of our first steps in universal diplomacy will be through the Martian civilization.

La Vanguardia: I understand.

Webre: I personally work with Doctor Norman Miranda, the cabinet chief of the president of UNO General Assembly, so that UNO will represent the Earth before the Martian civilization.

According to Alfred Webre, our planet is more like a prison and has been designed that way by an intergalactic society. However, we could be about to establish relationships with other civilizations.

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