Thomas Edison’s Secret Spirit Experiment

Despite having a materialistic mind, inventor Thomas Edison was willing to accept spiritist beliefs if they could be scientifically proven. 
In this article we describe Thomas Edison’s Secret Spirit Experiment, through which he sought to attract spirits from the afterlife and trap them with super-sensitive instruments.

Thomas Edison's Secret Spirit Experiment

In 1920, during a cold winter night, the famous inventor secretly gathered a select group of acquaintances in his laboratory. 
He needed witnesses in his attempt to conjure up the spirits and thus prove, or disprove, the existence of the unintelligible world beyond the grave.

Edison then prepared a photoelectric cell. A small beam of light, coming from a powerful lamp, pierced the darkness of the room and struck the surface of the cell, where it was instantly transformed into a weak electric current. 
Any object, no matter how thin, transparent or tiny it was, would be registered in the device if it touched the beam.

When the experiment was ready to begin, the spiritists in the witness group were called in to conjure one or two inhabitants of ethereal Eternity, then order them to walk through the beam. 
During this ritual process, scientists would look at the electric eye meter; if it flickered, then it would reveal the ghostly presence.

Thomas Edison’s Secret Spirit Experiment : The spirits remain in the Hereafter

Tense hours passed in the dark, staring at the delicate instruments, hoping to glimpse something, but nothing happened. 
The wind was blowing around the laboratory walls, the spiritists tried their best, but no entity was present. The gauge needle remained motionless as a rock.

Thomas Edison's Secret Spirit Experiment

Due to these negative results, news about the experiment remained in strict secrecy for several decades. 
Edison would not dare to reveal his superstition-busting discovery to a superstitious world: believers in ghosts would not stop believing in them, and the mere idea that the inventor has taken the subject into consideration could work against him in front of his peers.

If spirit entities existed, Edison thought that they must have some attributes of ordinary matter to be able to manifest in our world. 
Hence, he tried to detect them using the electric eye.

But the only thing the experiment revealed was a deathly silence …

Immortal Units

Until the day of his death, it was Edison’s belief that life in every man and animal was the result of the activity of countless infinities that he called “immortal units” provided with intelligent direction.

To corroborate this hypothesis, he intentionally burned one of his fingers, but not before leaving a fingerprint registered. The burn was so severe that it erased the delicate lines of the skin. After a while, when the finger healed, the impression of another fingerprint showed that the lines and spirals – even those that seemed totally destroyed – had returned to their original position.

From this last experiment, the scientist obtained confirmation about the aforementioned “immortal units”, which according to him supervised the regeneration of the skin of his finger, following the original pattern. Man, he said, is a mosaic of these units of life, and it is these entities that determine what we should be.

Thomas Edison's Secret Spirit Experiment

To explain the concept easily, Edison cited the following analogy:

Suppose that Earth is visited by aliens, whose eyes are so huge that the smallest thing they can see is the Brooklyn Bridge. Naturally, they would think that the structure is some kind of natural development.

Now suppose these hypothetical aliens destroy the bridge and leave. But they decide to return a couple of years later, finding that the bridge came back to life and was rebuilt. 
So wouldn’t they assume that some kind of guiding intelligence was behind the work?

“Instead of individual souls, perhaps we have a single great soul – the soul of the entire universe – which is the sum of all the small particles that make us what we are,” concluded the great inventor.

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