Are Bigfoot, Yeti, And Other Creatures Demonic Entities Related To UFO Sightings?

Bhutanese believe that Yeti- the bipedal ape-like creature is known for its phenomenal strength and magical powers such as the ability to become invisible and walk backward to trick any pursuers.
But who are they exactly? Are Yeti and other mythical creatures demonic entities?

Researcher Merrily Harpur is a self-proclaimed seasoned expert on the subject matter of mysterious British big cats. Back in 2006, she published a book about these creatures titled “Mystery Big Cats”, which was reprinted in May 2021. The book gained popularity in a short period of time.

In this book, Harpur, among other things, proposed a hypothesis according to which these mystical “cats” are actually more than just leopards escaped from zoos or ordinary large cats that “turned” into gigantic ones as a result of mass hysteria.

Are Yeti and Other Mythical Creatures Demonic Entities?

According to her theory, these cats could be daimons – daimon is a Greek word derived from “demon”, which literally means “spirit” or “divine power”. In Greek mythology, even the heroes who were considered equal to Gods could be called daimons.

There was a division of daimons into good and bad. Good daimons were considered guardian spirits, giving their patronage and protection to the chosen people. Bad daimons were the ones who lead people astray and do various dirty tricks against them. 

Referring to British mythology, Harpur believes that these popular fairy-like creatures such as elves, fairies, pixies, boggarts, lake monsters, snake-like entities, etc., are those bad daimons. 

According to Harpur, Yeti also, apparently, belong to one of them. The reason behind this circumstance is if you review many of the testimonies of meetings with the Yeti, you can find they have an open rejection of humans and a lot of supernatural abilities.

For example, the image of a Yeti (sasquatch or bigfoot) is common in the folklore of most Indian tribes in the Northwest of the United States. Native American legends of the Yeti typically describe these creatures being about 6-9 feet tall, full-of-strength, extremely hairy, uncivilized, and often foul-smelling, usually living in the forest and often foraging for food at night. 

In the same tales, it is indicated that they have the ability to become invisible, while the Yeti has always been described by the Indians as something quite material, and not as a ghost or phantom. 

Very similar stories are found in Bhutan – a kingdom on the southern border of the eastern Himalayas – the place from where the image of the Bigfoot originally spread around the world. Yeti is referred to as the Vile Bigfoot or Migoi. 

It is believed that yeti is extremely difficult or almost impossible to kill with bullets? This feature is noted by many hunters from those who met a yeti in the forest and tried to shoot him with their rifle. 

On November 28, 2014, Stan Gordon, an established Yeti expert spoke on the popular American paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM,. He said that he had been studying the Yeti phenomenon for many years and noticed that there is a connection between such strange creatures and many mysterious phenomena, including the UFO phenomenon. 

The fact which gained the attention of the listeners in the talk show was that the Yeti has a supernatural ability to go invisible if gunned down. Here is one of the typical stories told by Stan Gordon:

“A slowly moving bright red UFO landed on the farm’s pasture. Suddenly, people noticed two yeti making their way near the barbed wire fence near the UFO and making strange sounds. One of the men tried to shoot the yeti with live ammunition, but the bullets did not work, and the creatures retreated into Forest”. 

Another cryptozoologist who studies yeti, Philip Rife, told another story:

“In 1959, a police officer ran into a Bigfoot on a rural road in Carroll County. The officer watched in amazement as the creature walked right in front of his patrol car and easily climbed over the barbed wire fence. The policeman then pulled out his service revolver and fired at Bigfoot. . However, it turned out that the bullets did not work against this creature. Realizing this, the officer rushed to his car and rushed away from the scene. “

There are far more than a few documented reports in which eyewitnesses in close proximity to Bigfoot reported unexplained fear, nausea, confusion, disorientation, dizziness, and physical inability to move. 

This, of course, could also be due to the huge flow of adrenaline released into the bloodstream with strong fear, but this can still occur from infrasound. Infrasound is an extremely low frequency sound that is well below 20 Hz, which is why the human ear usually does not pick it up, but this sound can have a negative effect on the human brain. 

Cryptozoologist Scott Carpenter talked about infrasound and his meeting with the Yeti: 

“I am not an acoustics expert or a scientist, so my conclusions are based only on observation and common sense. I think that I myself was once influenced by infrasound during my meeting with Bigfoot on April 30, 2010. Bigfoot then manipulated my perception and then disinfected my memory. 

“I tried to shoot him on video and sometimes during this process I was exposed to infrasound and he strongly influenced me or “brainwashed” me, forcing me to leave this place. It is as if my memory was erased and I was ordered to leave and I obeyed it. “

In addition, there is a very strange aspect that the yeti likes to braid the manes of horses. Undoubtedly, the leading expert in this curious field is Lisa Sheel, author of the books “Backyard Bigfoot”, “Forbidden Bigfoot” and others. In these books, she has described her own encounters with a similar phenomenon:

“I first encountered the mystery of horse braids when I was living in Texas. At first I allowed myself to dismiss them as something natural, like the braids are tangled in the wind, or, perhaps, this is the work of the playful children of the neighbors. it’s getting harder and harder to stick to my original hypothesis. ” 

Indeed, in the 2000s, and especially in 2005, Lisa Sheel saw many examples of horse braiding when Bigfoot activity in her neighborhood was at its peak. At the same time, one should remember something else: weaving braids for horses has a long history, and in those distant times, all this was usually attributed to insidious and harmful fairies or witches.

Even William Shakespeare himself repeatedly mentioned this phenomenon in his plays. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote about sprite creatures who loved to braid horses. Other British writers and poets have also frequently mentioned this phenomenon in their works.

All these are undoubtedly very unusual phenomena that look very strange whether the yeti is just a “prehistoric man who has survived to our times” or some other unknown species of great apes. And the same phenomena, such as the ability to become invisible or send a strong fear to a person, were often attributed to other otherworldly forces. And in Russia the phenomenon of braiding horses has been attributed to brownies since ancient times. 

So maybe, in fact, all these strange creatures are the very same daemons – demons that just take on different forms, adjusting to the psyche of this or that person?

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