Yeti Footprints and Hut Found In Wales

British cryptozoologists say they may have discovered evidence of Yetis in Wales after finding a primitive hut and huge Yeti footprints in a forest. 

In woodland near the town of Caerphilly in South Wales, a team of Sasquatch researchers found bare footprints that measured 16 inches (40 cm) long. 

For reference, the average human foot is 26 cm long, and although such large feet are sometimes found in tall men, they are very rare.

Alleged Yeti Footprints Found in Wales
Alleged Yeti Footprint Found in Wales

Researchers discovered the tracks and a primitive hut made of branches by accident; in this forest, they were filming a series of films about cryptids for TV. The group included director Tim Whittard, known for documentaries about the mysterious big cats of Great Britain, and Canadian cryptozoologist Jason Kenzie:

“This may be a Bigfoot footprint. The toes are clean, but I don’t see an interdigital fracture of the foot, which is considered an anatomical feature of the Yeti and is sometimes seen in its footprints,” he says.

The so-called “interdigital break of the foot” (Midtarsal break), which allows the foot to be more flexible, is present in primates, but with rare exceptions is absent in humans. 

“Unfortunately, this evidence is inconclusive because no one has seen who left the tracks, but based on size alone, it looks more like an unknown creature than an ordinary person,” Kenzie concluded.

The media also showed photos of a hut found next to the footprints but did not provide any details about its inspection. 

Yeti Footprints and Hut Found In Wales
The Hut Like Structure Found next to the Yeti Footprint

In Wales, yetis are not seen very often, but regularly. The last such incident occurred in 2016, and also just near Caerphilly. A local resident stated that he saw a hairy humanoid creature near the mountain.

Researchers lament the refusal of Welsh police to cooperate with them. Back in 2021, they sent a request to the police about messages they had received that included words such as “Yeti, Bigfoot,” “ape-like figure,” “wild man,” etc., but their request was ignored. 

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