Travelers of Parallel Universes? The “Vorin” File happened in 1850

Stories of people who seem to be literally parallel universes. Part 1: The Vorin File(Travelers of Parallel Universes)

Travelers of Parallel Universes

In the last couple of centuries, some people have appeared to be from cities and countries that do not exist. They speak unknown languages, and give other indications that some say suggest that they are of parallel universes. (Travelers of Parallel Universes)
In 1850, a man named Jophar Vorin was found and interrogated in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany.

Travelers of Parallel UniversesJohn Timbs wrote about Vorin in his 1852 book “Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art,” which was praised for its accuracy by other publications of the time. Timbs wrote: “It seems to us attested in the correspondence of Berlin that at the end of 1850, a stranger was picked up in a small village in the Lebas region near Frankfurt, where he had been wandering and no one could say Where he was from.(Travelers of Parallel Universes)

“He spoke an imperfect German, and had all traits of Caucasian origin. When questioned by the burgomaster of Frankfort, the stranger said that his name was Jophar Vorin, and that it came from a country called Laxaria, located in the part of the world called Sakria. He did not understand, he claimed, any of the European languages (except for the imperfect German), but he reads and writes what he calls the Laxarian and Abramian languages.(Travelers of Parallel Universes)

“The latter he declared to be the written language of the clerical order in Laxaria, and the other the common language of his people. He says that his religion is Christian in form and doctrine, and is called Ispatian. Laxaria, which he represents, is many hundreds of miles from Europe, and separated by vast oceans from it.

Travelers of Parallel Universes“His purpose in coming to Europe, he claims, was to search for a long-lost brother; But suffered a shipwreck on the voyage – where he arrived at a place he does not know – nor can he trace his route on the coast on any map or globe. He claims that of his unknown race he gained a considerable part of geographical knowledge.

“The five great sections of the Earth he calls Sakria, Aflar, Aslar, Auslar, and Euplar. The sages of Frankfurt of the Oder, after much examination of the history and its carrier, believed it. However, Jophar Vorin was sent to Berlin, and there became the subject of many scientific and curious gossip in the capital of Prussia. ”

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This and two other such events are mentioned in the book “The Directory of Possibilities,” published in 1981 by Colin Wilson and James Grant.

Travelers of Parallel UniversesWilson and Grant wrote: “In 1905, a young man was arrested in Paris; Spoke an unknown language, but managed to imply that he was a citizen of Lisbian.

“And in 1954 a passport control in Japan claims to have produced a man with documents issued by the Taured nation.”

The Vorin case appears to have convinced the authorities at the time. While the stories are far from demonstrating that it is possible to travel between parallel realities, they never cease to be passionate. Very soon, a second part!(I.e.

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