Human DNA was designed by aliens claims a group of scientists

A group of geneticist researchers made the following comment: “Sooner or later … we must admit the fact that living beings on Earth have the genetic combination of the first aliens, and that the theory of evolution really as we believed” According to researchers who have more than 134 years of hard work related to the human genome, human DNA was built and developed by a very advanced alien race.(Human DNA was designed by aliens)

Human DNA was designed by aliens

Some scientists suggest that our species may have been designed by an advanced extraterrestrial race and that they may have left a “signature” message embedded in our DNA. Both Maxim A. Makukov and Vladimir I. Shcherbak, both experts at the Astrophysics University of Fesenkov, have been working for about 13 years trying to decode human DNA. After 13 years of research, these experts concluded that humanity was created in a genetic laboratory and that it possesses certain “algorithmic patterns with a coded language” within our genetic code.(Human DNA was designed by aliens)

These scientists conclude that 97% of the series that can not be coded from our DNA, have in some way, an extremely advanced code that had to have been developed by very intelligent forms of life. After 13 years of intensive research, the experts came up with the following conclusion: “Our guess is that a much more advanced alien race dedicated to the creation of new forms of life in order to sow it in the universe and in diverse planets, arrived at the earth to carry out its work.

What we appreciate in our DNA is a two-way system, a giant ordered code, and a simple or basic code. ” Researchers think that the sudden ‘boom’ in evolution is the trigger that marks the fact that on Earth billions of years ago something occurred on a higher level of which we are not yet fully conscious, and that the mathematical code in DNA fails to explain evolution.


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