The Strange Case of Agnes Whiteland: Time Travelers Observing World War 1?

The case of Agnes Whiteland is one of the most disconcerting incidents in the history of ufology and goes back to the years of World War I (1914-1918). The event took place in England.

Case of Agnes Whiteland

The story of Agnes Whiteland begins when she was leaning on the balcony of her house on the first floor. A few meters in the air, She saw a round platform with a thickness of about 30 centimeters and a diameter of about 3.5 meters. About eight to twelve men were standing on the platform in a circle, looking somewhere as if they were watching something around them.

This platform had two railings in circumference, one at the knees of those men and the other a little higher. These visitors were dressed in blue uniforms and caps of the same color. They looked like military men.

According to Agnes Whiteland’s account, this platform was about nine meters high from the ground and about a hundred feet from where the witness was. The mystery of this event is that this platform apparently had no propulsion engine or produced any noise that could be perceived by simple hearing.

Case of Agnes Whiteland

Neither were any cables or ropes visible on which the platform could have held. They remained in this place for a few minutes and disappeared in the same direction from which they came. As for the uniform they wore, it seemed much more modern than the usual military uniform of the day. It could be said that his presence did not fit in the place or the time.

The information received on this unusual fact has been investigated by several experts. The results did not find any valid explanation about what happened or this form of transport used by the visitors.

Among all known facts seems to be an isolated fact. Everything apparently points to a visit of some gentlemen who came from the future to observe and be direct witnesses of the First World War. But, in this case, it may never be solved or explained on a scientific basis.

For now, this story remains a memory in the minds of relatives who still live today and live with this unusual experience of that English lady named Agnes Whiteland.

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