Two UFOs appear during a live broadcast on TV

(UFOs appear during a live broadcast)
(UFOs appear during a live broadcast)

When a UFO sighting is seen by a single person, it is generally not considered important. When several witnesses see something strange in heaven, then there is a little more interest, but doubts remain. However, when an unidentified flying object is seen by thousands or even millions of people live on television, things change.(UFOs appear during a live broadcast)

Although in some cases there was a logical explanation, at the time they were seen and retransmitted on television, they served to create immense interest, causing heated debates about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life on our planet. And if we have to talk about live UFO sightings on television, the best known case was that of the spherical red object during the weather news on the US television network WCPO-TV .(UFOs live)

While the presenter gave the morning weather report for Cincinnati and the surrounding area on June 16, 2011, a strange red sphere appeared in front of the live webcam showing the city. While some people speculated that the mysterious object was possibly Venus still visible in the morning sky, the way it moved seemed to completely rule out this possibility, not to mention that it seemed to have a strange distinctive red color. What is perhaps even stranger is that just two weeks before, there was an exactly similar sighting in the same area of ​​downtown Cincinnati, describing the same red spherical object.

In addition, the UFO seemed to be “approximately double the size of Venus” as you would see it with the naked eye, ruling out any idea that it could have been the possibility of the planet. The sighting remains a mystery. And again it has happened again, this time two mysterious objects have appeared during the live broadcast of the news of the American television channel KOIN.(UFOs appear during a live broadcast)

UFOs live and live

An apparently normal live television broadcast has gone viral after two UFOs appeared. The video shows the news anchors of the KOIN 6 News television channel in Oregon, talking about the main topics of the day, with a view of the city of Portland in the background.


As they speak, on the screen appear two mysterious balls of light in the sky , behind them, and then disappear in a different direction through the night sky. And how could it be otherwise, the strange event provoked all kinds of reactions among the viewers who at that moment were following with attention the morning news in the US state of Oregon.(UFOs appear during a live broadcast)

Some viewers could not believe what they saw, so they decided to share the images on social networks, looking for an explanation to the strange phenomenon. One of the first to share the video was the YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly 2.0” with the following title: “KOIN 6 recording UFOs during the live news. Portland, Oregon. January 4, 2018. “

“While they were live, on the screen behind the news anchors you can see how two objects fly and change direction and then disappear,” says the description of the video.(UFOs appear during a live broadcast)

The video published last January 11 by “The Hidden Underbelly 2.0” has already obtained more than 200,000 reproductions and has triggered a heated debate on social networks. The believers assure that it is irrefutable proof that it is about extraterrestrial ships that are continuously monitoring human activity on Earth. There were also those who said that in the last weeks there is a large number of UFO sightings in Oregon, which seems to indicate that some type of event could be about to happen, possibly a catastrophe.

Two UFOs direct TV broadcast - Two UFOs appear during a live broadcast on TV

However, the most skeptical have a completely different view of what happened, thus discrediting the hypothesis of extraterrestrial spacecraft. Some people pointed out that just the mysterious lights appear in the sky, at that moment a vehicle passes by the motorway, so it could be an effect caused by the headlights of said car.

And what do you think? Is it about two alien spaceships? Or maybe it’s an effect caused by the vehicle that passes right then and there?(UFOs appear during a live broadcast)


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