U.S. Congressman Tim Burchett says UFOs spotted by the military are from outer space

Just over a week after the expected report from the Director of National Intelligence, another member of the US House of Representatives Tim Burchett has spoken openly about UFOs, saying they are out of this world and even compared them to a Biblical episode.

U.S. Congressman Tim Burchett says UFOs spotted by the military are from outer space

Yesterday, a TMZ cameraman spoke with Representative of the Second Congressional District of Tennessee, Tim Burchett, while he was on Capitol Hill.

Drawing on the topic of President Biden’s recent meeting with Vladimir Putin, he was asked about the recent UFO revelations, and if these could have a Russian origin – since there is no evidence that it is United States’ own secret technology. Burchett replied that there is no way these objects are Russian technology, because if they were “they would be our owners right now.”

Strikingly, the congressman also spoke about UFOs in the context of the Bible, hinting at the age of the phenomenon. Specifically, he referred to Ezekiel 1: 4-28 in which – according to ancient astronaut theorists – there is a clear description of an alien spacecraft or probe: “An immense cloud with flashing lightning bolts surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like shiny metal, and in the fire were what looked like four living creatures. In appearance, their form was human, but each of them had four faces and four wings.

The passage also says: “When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living beings rose from the ground, the wheels were also raised. Wherever the spirit went, they would go, and the wheels would rise with them because the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.

The transcript of the conversation is below-:

Congressman, I know right now, with President Biden, when he’s going to speak to Putin he’s going to ask them about the UFO, stuff like that.

Rep. Tim Burchett – (R) TN 
I think that’s ridiculous. If the Russians had UFO technology, I mean, they would own us right now, they used to say that they’ve heard people talk about how the Nazis had it in the second world war that they did, they would have won. That is ridiculous. It has to be something that is out of our galaxy, it just has to be if it in fact is real. 

Hey Congressman, you have always been a straight shooter. It’s been like, I know when it’s been bipartisan, but the one thing I’ve noticed is, it doesn’t matter which President is nobody ever talks about….

Rep. Tim Burchett – (R) TN  
They always say they’re gonna do something bad and then they get in office and, and honestly, I thought Trump was gonna do something, though he was gonna release the files. But you know, they release these files are redacted. It’s just a big blob of white out. Clearly, something’s going on that we can’t handle. I mean UFOs were in the Bible. Read Ezekiel, it talks about the wheel flying around. So I mean, they’re, they’ve been around since we’ve been around and somebody needs to come up with some answers.

Even when something’s supposed to be released coming up in a few weeks or months. What do you think is going to be in that?

Rep. Tim Burchett – (R) TN
I don’t believe it. I think Roswell was covered up. I think you know more people believe in UFOs than believe in Congress for good reason. Because of the jackleg stuff we do like that we talked about we’re going to release it and then we never do or we release something that is so redacted that is just ridiculous. The Air Force had a release on Roswell, which was the big deal I think in ’48 [1947] and the big cover up there and the guy that did it was a smart alec and he kind of smirked the whole time and nobody took it serious, they ought to take it serious. The American public wants to know and frankly, we deserve to know.

I think at some point, it’s gonna it’s gonna happen, I think….

Rep. Tim Burchett – (R) TN 
I think they’re gonna release that. I think somebody is gonna release stuff that the Kennedy assassination files are going to do it all. But we haven’t had a president with enough guts to do it just yet.

Source: MW

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