US Senate Committee wants to release UFO related information

Since the existence of a secret Pentagon program to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena and videos showing UFOs chased by pilots of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, was leaked to the public in late 2017 , the veil has been put on by the military on the subject.
I have run a bit, demonstrating — to scorn the most recalcitrant skepticism — the great importance and quantity of resources devoted to studying it.

US Senate Committee wants to release UFO related information

Now, the Senate committee wants to regulate this intelligence activity through a law, which has yet to be approved by Congress as part of the Fiscal Year 2021 Intelligence Authorization Program .

“The committee supports the efforts of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena, standardize the collection and reporting thereof, weigh any links they may have with adversary governments and the level of threat they may pose to American military resources and facilities, “reads the statement.

However, according to the committee, “there is no unified and complete process” to collect this type of information.

According to the AFP agency , the announcement seems to represent the first confirmation that, despite rumors of the closure of the secret program to study UFOs years ago, there is still a systematic tracking of the phenomenon. 
In fact, writer and ufologist Roger Glassel confirmed last May , based on an email exchange with a Navy spokesperson, the existence of an “interagency” team led by the US Navy. focused on the study of “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

The committee instructed the national intelligence director and other agency leaders to submit a report within the next 180 days, listing the details of the ONI investigation.

 This report should include those “intrusions” into restricted airspace and other sightings of unidentified flying objects, as well as a plan to affirm how data about them is collected and shared.

“The report should be submitted in an unclassified manner, although a classified addendum may be included,” the committee wrote.

This means that at least part of the information should be made public when the report is presented.

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