UFO Flying Near Joe Biden’s Plane Goes Unnoticed By Escorting F35 Jets

UFO Flying Near Joe Biden’s Plane Goes Unnoticed By Escorting F35 Jets

In a recent event that captured global attention, an intriguing incident unfolded – the sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO). What adds to the astonishment is that this mysterious object passed in close proximity to the plane carrying none other than the influential figure, US President Joe Biden. On December 10, 2023, as President Biden’s plane made its way to Los Angeles, accompanied by two F-35 military fighters for security, an unusual spherical UFO was spotted in the vicinity during the landing process.

UFO Flying Near Joe Biden’s Plane
UFO Flying Near Joe Biden’s Plane

At precisely 10:28 a.m., the whitish-silver UFO was first observed in close proximity to Air Force One, the aircraft carrying President Biden and his wife. Subsequently, eyewitnesses reported police helicopters attempting to approach the unidentified object. The enigmatic sphere reappeared, flashing in the top right corner of the camera view a few minutes later.

After exactly 40 minutes, the UFO made its third appearance, prompting the camera operator to zoom in for a closer inspection. At that point, the UFO remained in the air, positioned at a considerable distance from the planes, exhibiting nearly stationary behaviour. The LA Flights YouTube channel received a live broadcast of the video captured by the camera operators. The series of events has generated significant interest and speculation among viewers and the wider public.

“It’s right above us. It’s moving, but it’s not a star. I’m telling you, they’re coming from the ocean. It’s very strange right now.”

Cameraman Joshua Solorzano started a live discussion on the UFO after it made an appearance third time.

Initially, Joshua entertained the possibility that the mysterious object might be a balloon. However, his brother, Peter Solorzano, who was also the second camera operator, remained steadfast in his belief that it was an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) from the moment they first spotted it.

“I didn’t see it moving. I watched it for about 15 minutes to see if it was ascending or something, and then it just floated. It appeared as just a distant white ball. But its motionlessness caught my attention. Additionally, the presence of an LAPD helicopter circling there also drew my attention. However, from my vantage point, I couldn’t determine if the helicopter was circling due to an object or something on the ground.”

Local resident Chris Callari, who spotted the UFO while walking around the city, mentioned this.

A spherical UFO came into close proximity to Biden’s aircraft, surpassing the F-35 in proximity. Surprisingly, the pilots on board did not notice or detect the unconventional follower either visually or through radar, as evidenced by the absence of any response from the supporting aircraft.

Reports about the UFO flying near Joe Biden’s plane only surfaced on the internet approximately two weeks after the occurrence. The reason for the delayed dissemination remains unclear; it is plausible that efforts were made to suppress or delay the release of information, potentially involving government intervention.

As the mysterious incident involving the UFO flying near Joe Biden’s plane continues to capture global attention, the questions surrounding this unusual event persist. With eyewitness accounts, unexplained delays in reporting, and the lack of detection by military aircraft, the enigma deepens.

The curiosity and speculation surrounding the event highlight the ongoing fascination with the unknown and the potential existence of unidentified aerial phenomena. As investigations unfold and more information surfaces, the world awaits answers to unravel the mystery of this extraordinary encounter in the skies.

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