History’s Hidden Encounters: A Deep Dive into 1920s UFO Cases

During the chaotic period between the two world wars, numerous peculiar tales surfaced in global newspapers, recounting encounters with enigmatic human-like beings. However, these stories faded from public memory swiftly.

The Evansville Courier shared a story in June 1923 about a noteworthy incident near Mount Airy, Illinois – a classic “contact of the third kind,” as we might term it today. The witness to this event was a 10-year-old boy named Norman Massey.

History's Hidden Encounters: A Deep Dive into 1920s UFO Cases

“Norman Massey, 10, left his home to take his horses to pasture. As he led the horses through a gate, he noticed an object nearby surrounded by lights. He came within 50 feet of the object and noticed five people aboard the ship. According to boys, they were men about 4 feet (120 cm) tall with blond hair. 

As he got closer, he heard them talking to each other. One of the men was sitting on a chair, and the others called him “Commander”. Other men moved back and forth into the facility. Massey then heard a message to the commander over the head of one of the men that the repairs had been completed. 

The object was described as metallic and standing on three legs. It had a dome with holes on top. The top of the object resembled molten glass. The object then rose and hovered above the ground, and the tripod legs went into the belly of the ship, which rose straight up and then flew off to the west at high speed.”

Several Spanish ufologists, including Antonio Ribera, have discovered a very strange incident in newspaper archives that occurred during the day in 1924 near the small town of Quero in the La Mancha region of Spain. 

The incident involved a lone humanoid without the presence of a UFO, but using some kind of “apparatus” for movement:

“An eyewitness was standing outside a local village church when he saw a short humanoid figure, about 1.20 meters tall, dressed in a tight-fitting green jumpsuit. His arms and legs were in a rigid position and the figure approached the eyewitness at a distance of 2 meters. 

The humanoid seemed to be holding both legs together and resting on some kind of circular platform that was lifting (floating?) it off the ground. In his hands he was carrying some kind of object or control panel for a floating platform. The humanoid, which had human features, then silently disappeared into the distant fields.”

History's Hidden Encounters: A Deep Dive into 1920s UFO Cases

The late ufologist John Keel (Mothman researcher) found in the archives a strange case of a possible UFO crash involving strange characters, perhaps the predecessors of the Men in Black. The incident occurred during the day in May 1924 near the small town of Gem, West Virginia, USA.

A farmer outside of Gem in Braxton County reported seeing a “plane” crash in the woods. In those days, airplanes were a very rare sight, especially in West Virginia, and a plane crash was big news. 

According to the farmer, the plane was very strange as it appeared to have no wings, made no noise, and appeared unusually large. “The size of a battleship,” is how the farmer described it. 

A group of men, including the local sheriff and local reporter John Cole, began searching the woods after news of the sighting of the falling “plane”. A few hours later they found the wreckage in a small clearing, but they were not the first to discover it:

“However, we were not the first there. There were already five or six people in the clearing. Some of them were dressed in black business suits, ties and all that, and it seemed damn stupid in this wilderness,” wrote John Cole. 

Others were dressed in “funny colored” overalls – some kind of very shiny material. They were talking to each other in rapid, incomprehensible language when they were found, and they were very excited when they saw the search party. 

After that, people in overalls ran into what was left of the “plane”, as if they were trying to hide. Some of the men in the search party had guns, and one of them said to Cole, “Oh my god, they’re spies!”, after which he pulled out his gun. 

The strangers were all short, just over five feet (120 cm), and they all looked Asian, with high cheekbones, slanted eyes, and dark skin. One of them spoke English. He told the men that no one was hurt and that everything was fine. He also said he would stop by the sheriff’s office later and file a full report. 

There was little the search party could do since no crime had been committed and there were no casualties, so they eventually simply abandoned the crew of the “aircraft” and left. 

According to Cole, as he examined the crash site, he noticed a strange “little thing” on the ground. He picked it up and decided to keep it for himself. He doesn’t know why he didn’t just give it to one of the “foreigners” crew members and just put it in his pocket.

As Cole examined the wreckage, he thought it didn’t look like it could fly at all. The remains looked like the fuselage of a modern (at the time) aircraft, with windows and all, but it had no wings, tail, or propellers. And it didn’t look like they fell off in the crash. The object was indeed very large, at least 75 feet (23 meters) long, and filled the entire clearing. 

Cole then returned home to Weston and went straight to bed. He was very tired from walking through the forest all day. Around three o’clock in the morning, someone started knocking on his door. Cole stood up and looked, an army officer was standing there. He was wearing one of those wide-brimmed hats that they usually wore, with all the necessary attributes.

He was wearing a US Army uniform, but except for his clothing, he looked the same as those “foreigners” from the “airplane.” He had slanted eyes and dark skin, but he was perhaps a little taller than them. 

“You took something with you today,” he said. “You need to give this back to us.” 

Cole, half asleep, could not understand what he meant, but then he remembered the metal “thing”, it was still in his coat pocket. Cole went and brought the “military” this thing.

“Is this what you mean?” he asked, but the “Asian” didn’t answer, silently took the thing from Cole’s hands and simply left. At the same time, Cole did not notice a car near his house or at least a horse on which the “military” could move.

Cole returned to bed and fell asleep, but the next day he began to wonder about the strange officer and how he found him. A couple of days later he returned to that forest and found that clearing. It was empty. Grass and bushes were flattened where the “plane remains” had once stood, but there were no other signs of anything or anyone. 

After some thought, Cole decided not to delve into this matter, deciding that it was better to leave everything alone and that maybe these were some kind of secret military tests in collaboration with the Asians.

The next incident occurred on a summer night in 1925 and it appears to have been one of the typical cases of alien abduction. In those years, no one had heard of this and no one wrote about it anywhere in the media, so this story seems very reliable.

It happened in the town of Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada, and the victim was a 5-year-old girl. This is how this case was described in the ufological magazine “Bulletin of Kuforn” in the May 1988 issue:

“The 5-year-old witness woke up and felt the need to go out into the backyard (to use the toilet), and then she saw a large skyship approaching, shaped like a train. It was making a loud whining sound. 

History's Hidden Encounters: A Deep Dive into 1920s UFO Cases

A light approached the witness and she then “floated” into the ship. Several small gray creatures with large eyes set far apart removed her dress. 

The creatures were thin, with whitish-gray skin, large heads, and bulging eyes, and were dressed in tight, shiny suits. She was later examined using various instruments and then released.”

Later, but in the same summer, another abduction occurred with the same girl (!), but with the participation of a different type of alien:

“The witness was lying on the grass outside when she saw a flat silver disk land nearby. Several creatures with wrinkled yellow skin came out. She was then taken inside the ship and taken away. The disk was flying at a very high altitude. The witness was brought back later.”

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