A photographer records a cube-shaped UFO hidden in clouds on a Florida beach

A person saw a strange, almost perfect square shaped UFO hidden in clouds over a city in Florida, USA.

The unusual phenomenon in the sky took place over buildings called Aliki Towers, in the city of Ormond Beach, where it remained motionless for a few minutes before disappearing. 
The video was shot by Melly Hatchet, a professional photographer, who posted it on her Instagram profile .

“This morning, I saw a huge square cube-shaped cloud structure over the beach, approaching the Aliki Towers in Ormond Beach, Florida,” reads the video description. “My best friend @beachgirlflagler and I watched it for a couple of minutes until it was out of sight.”

The video shows a panoramic image of a beach in Ormond Beach, more specifically in the area of ​​the Aliki Towers towers. 
Clearly, a large object can be seen among the cube-shaped clouds, highlighting its shape. 

It remains motionless for a few minutes , and inexplicably begins to disappear, until it completely vanishes, as if it had never existed.

Unsurprisingly, Hatchet’s video has sparked all sorts of reactions on social media, with some claiming the images are irrefutable proof of an alien visit.

 Even the popular ufologist Scott C. Waring has offered his theory about the sighting, which is about a UFO using advanced camouflage technology to merge with the clouds to keep watch over us.

“This square UFO was hiding within a few clouds over Ormond Beach, Florida, and pushed it away to make room for itself ,  Waring writes on his ET Data Base blog .

UFO hidden in clouds

“If you remember the UFO incident at O’Hare Airport … then you will know that the UFO stayed under a cloud for more than 20 minutes and then shot out at an angle through the clouds leaving a round hole for more than 12 minutes.

after the event … for the UFOs to make holes in the clouds. That has been proven, a fact. Here’s a similar event in Florida.

 The clouds came from the ocean with the UFO hidden in it, but it is so obvious that the square UFO is there. 
Impressive raw material. Undeniable evidence that aliens try to outwit humans by hiding in the most obvious places. ”

However, skeptics are not so convinced that it is a UFO hidden in the clouds. 
They say it is an optical phenomenon caused by clouds that block sunlight. 

Even maybe it is a reflection of some of the Aliki Towers buildings. 

It must be made clear that this is the version of the skeptics, and that their mission in life is to never recognize extraterrestrial evidence.

What do you think about the sighting in Florida? Is it a huge UFO hidden in the clouds? Or is it simply an optical phenomenon? It’s up to you.

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