UFO over Ukraine

Ukrainian Soldier Recorded a Huge UFO in Donetsk

A 400-meter-long object emerged on the horizon of Ukraine’s restive Donetsk province last Friday (February 23), hovering eerily more than 1.6 kilometers high. Let’s take a look at the sighting of the alleged huge UFO in Donetsk.

Ukrainian Soldier Recorded a Huge UFO in Donetsk
The UFO, spotted around 9:02 p.m. local time, appeared to be about 60 km away from the soldiers, heading toward the Donetsk Oblast region, the southeastern province of Ukraine that has been largely dominated by the Russian forces.

Huge UFO in Donetsk Ukraine

The UFO was filmed by a Ukrainian soldier named Vadym, who had cautiously guided his infrared quadcopter (DJI Mavic 3T) to 150 meters high for a reconnaissance mission, fighting against strong winds, when he suddenly sighted something enormous that remained motionless in the air despite such gusts.

In an interview from the war zone with the British media DailyMail.com, the drone operator, belonging to the 406th Battalion of the Ukrainian army, said that he and his companions had never seen anything like this before.

“At first I thought it was something new invented by the Russians,” he said. “But then I realized it could be a UFO!”

The device was between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius hotter than any other object that this drone pilot from the 406th Battalion had tracked in the war zone, ruling out atmospheric phenomena, balloons, and known enemy aircraft, he said.

Despite surprising the soldiers, Vadym stressed that they did not feel afraid at any time, since they have had to learn to suppress their emotions amid efforts to defend Ukraine from a Russian invasion that has been going on for two years.

“We got scared on February 24, 2022,” he said. “After that, we are not afraid of anything.”

Was The UFO in Donetsk Fata morgana?

When the video went viral in recent days thanks to the disclosure of the case by the Daily Mail, a natural explanation emerged that could answer for the strange sighting: Fata Morgana, a mirage or optical illusion that is due to an inversion of temperature and It causes objects on the horizon – such as islands, cliffs, ships or ice floes – to take on an elongated and elevated appearance.

Ukrainian Soldier Recorded a Huge UFO in Donetsk
Detail of the Fata Morgana example.

However, Vadym is sure that what he saw was real.

“It was not a mirage,” he commented when consulted by the British newspaper. «Because in thermal vision you can’t see a mirage. You can only see it with the naked eye.

The soldier also detailed that the object “did not undulate, shine or alter its shape in any way,” which would have been a telltale sign of a Fata Morgana mirage. Instead, he claimed that “it had a stable form and remained static.”

Ukrainian Soldier Recorded a Huge UFO in Donetsk
The drone operated by the Ukrainian soldier to capture the images. 
Credit: Armed Forces of Ukraine.

That said, the UFO—whatever it was—wasted no time in abandoning its position over Donetsk.

“In another position, we had another drone and we launched it in about three minutes, but it did not see the UFO at that time. When we returned to the same position later, there was nothing there,” concluded Vadym, who requested that his last name and other key details of the encounter not be disclosed for operational security reasons amid the tenacity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). to repel the Russian invasion.

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