Air Force UFO Report

Air Force UFO Report: Apollo-Shaped Object Sighting

Newly released Air Force UFO Report documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by software engineer and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) researcher Abbas Michael Dharamsey have revealed details of a mysterious sighting that occurred on January 26, 2023.

Air Force UFO Report

Air Force UFO Report

The incident, which was first reported during the last public hearing on UAPs in Congress, involved a United States Air Force pilot who encountered four separate UFOs during a test mission over the Gulf of Mexico.

Congressman Matt Gaetz, who played a pivotal role in bringing this incident to the public’s attention, recounted his experience seeking information about the event, describing how he and other members of Congress were initially denied access to crucial evidence, including images and radar data. However, after an argument over authority, they were granted access to an image captured by one of the flight crew members, which depicted “an object unlike any known human-made technology.”

The FOIA documents reveal a declassified summary of the event, which describes the main unknown object as resembling an “Apollo spacecraft” in size and shape, with an “orange-reddish” illuminated underside and a shaped top. “three-dimensional cone” composed of “metallic gray segmented panels.”

The pilot managed to lock the radar on the object and obtain a screenshot of it, while the other three unidentified were only detected by radar. Notably, upon approaching within 4,000 feet of the main UFO, the pilot’s radar failed and he remained disabled for the remainder of the mission. Subsequent investigations failed to conclusively diagnose the fault.

The documents also include a drawing of the “Apollo” UFO, which provides a visual representation of only part of the pilot’s encounter.

Air Force UFO Report
Drawing that appears in the declassified document (see below).

However, video related to the incident was completely withheld under Waiver (b)(1), which protects information deemed critical to national defense or foreign policy and properly classified under an executive order. This video was not previously mentioned by Gaetz, and it is unclear whether the lawmaker had seen the video or if the image he saw was a screenshot of it.

“Dharamsey expressed in an email that he plans to appeal the video request to verify what the object looks like, attempt to find any possible human origins for the craft, and file further FOIA requests regarding any investigation of the event by AARO or others.” government organization,” said John Greenewald, whose work on the FOIA declassified files site, The Black Vault, has inspired many to do the same.

Below is the declassified document:

Source: The Black Vault

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